Before electronic pipetting became a must in laboratories across the world, only pipettes were used, and liquid handling was actually made through the mouth

May you still use past solutions to handle liquids, we strongly recommend you to give a try to a safe, up-to-date, pipette filler, pipette controller or electronic pipettor.

That will be a great improvement in your daily routines thus for your safety and health.

For many reasons you can remain skeptical towards this move – your colleagues maybe are not so much willing to change to electronic pipettor, or you are reluctant somehow to change your habits.

Let us list 5 good reasons to go for it.

The electronic pipettor improve your work comfort

1. Are you a lab tech ? Electronic pipetting will improve your working comfort !

There is no doubt the electronic pipettor is far more user friendly than any other solution like safety pipette filler or pipette controller. You only need to press a button to get the liquid handled accurately – whatever its thickness. You keep a perfect control in your pipetting process !

Electronic pipettor ergonomy features and texture depend on each brand way to adress lab techs MSP risk



The electronic pipettor is more respectfull of the analysis sample

2. Electronic pipettor is better for analytic sampling handling quality 

When handling analytical samples, you must make sure that liquid and air are never in contact. Pipette structure and manufacturing fully adress this demand and a filter is added between the pipette itself and the electronic aspiration system. 

This filter then acts as a shield against pipette capacity overload .

Electronic pipetting is therefore a safe solutions to protect your sampels thus your analytical results quality and performances.


The lab tech security is improved by the electronic pipettor

3. Laboratory technician safety on the bench is improved by electronic pipetting 

Some of you maybe don(t really figure out how risky it may be to handle liquids with your mouth and just among other reasons to get rid of this bad habit let’s just enumerate few : Toxicity, ingestion risks, contamination with miro organisms etc.

Electronic pipettor is easy to use, there is no more reason not to go for it !

Leave your hazardeous habits and go for a much safer solution !



Maintenance and sterilization by autoclave

4. Maintenance and sterilization via autoclave

User friendly, easy to use and .. easy to maintain  !

Electronic pipetting is also THE solution if you seek cleaning simplicity. You only need to use your regular disinfectant, and all will be good without any change in your processes.

Put pipettor parts in autoclave and sterilize ! It’s as simple as that !



No contraints to charge electronic pipettor

5. Charge your pipettor when needed !

Most often, electronic pipettors are cable free. Of course you can use when when necessary and work at the same time !

No break in your work, no worry on the bench !

Pipetting tool discharge is no more an issue.



How to make then right choice of electronic pipettor ?

There are many alternatives, all coming up with different features : ergonomy, charge delay…

Your own purchase drivers are likely to be about the money you are able to spend on liquid handling process and the frequency at which you mich use the pipettor.

Beside that, you may priviledge a solution that also takes into account:

  • Liquid types and specs you may handle
  • Liquid measures and transfers – e.g. serological pipettes ( available in glass or plastics)
  • Titrated solution specs – e.g. bulbs pipettes



Need an expert to help you through the process ? We are here to help !