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2017/746 Regulation IVD
3 reasons to add virtual reality into your laboratory design project
IVD Regulation
Augmented reality is coming to your laboratory: stay tuned!
201/746 Regulation IVD
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The challenge is to control the risks of DNA or RNA contamination during the PCR process!

All technicians working in molecular biology laboratories, whether in medical biology, veterinary, industrial or research laboratories, are perfectly aware of the crucial importance of maintaining a contamination-free environment. And molecular biology analysis techniques such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) require highly appropriate equipment, and an environment totally free of DNA or RNA. Any unwanted nucleic acids can have a significant impact on the reliability of […]

Serological pipettes for all your applications!

Serological pipettes and laboratory … Every laboratory Technician has handled or needs to handle liquid products with a serological pipette! But all serological pipettes are not equivalent: format variety and specifications can make all the difference.   A short history … Serological pipettes are graduated plastic pipettes and yet we call them serological pipettes: do you know why? Because of their historical use in serology. […]

Why do we need Low Retention micropipette tips?

Low Retention micropipette tips are high innotive technology for liquid hangling. LABELIANS is a key partner of AHN Biotechnologies, a German manufacturer specialising in a wide range of consumables and tools for handling liquids. Among the many references on offer, one range is particularly strategic for laboratories: tips! These are consumables used in large quantities, and their quality has a direct impact on analytical results. […]
Techniciens de laboratoire

We are lab technicians partner

All your childhood long, you have dreamt of wearing a white lab coat and doing many experiments and analyses on a laboratory bench while juggling with Erlenmeyer flasks or glass tubes. Today, you have gone from dream to reality: you are a laboratory technician.

This job requires a wide range of skills because it is:

  • at the heart of the health chain, which enables reliable and repeatable results to be obtained – the key to a correct diagnosis hence to appropriate treatment for a patient
  • at the heart of the food quality chain – accurate sampling is the sine qua non for an impeccable quality of the human or animal food chain
  • at the heart of research and bio-technology

You therefore need to be regularly informed about the latest news in your field.

You alone, as lab technicians, are capable of carrying out a multitude of analyses, identifying bacteria, using and adjusting measuring equipment or mastering the art of pipetting, and all this while interpreting the results and preparing reports.

However, in parallel to this daily routine, regulations are constantly evolving and innovations follow one another.

This is why LABELIANS offers you this place of information and sharing around your world, that of the bench, wherever it may be, in a medical biology lab, food industry or cosmetics, biotech, veterinary health or academic research…

This space is above all a place to relax, to meet and to interact between lab technicians.