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At the end of September, during the Sustainable Development Week, LABELIANS presented its CSR policy to its teams: a whole program of social, societal and environmental commitment, responding to four main issues! LABELIANS is committed to diversity During this week, the employees received our commitments to diversity – essential to our sustainable approach – and were able to discover its definition. For us, diversity is […]

CSR, a powerful tool for the laboratory, its environment and collaboration with distributors and suppliers: an interview with Dominique LUNTE, President of LBI

Mrs Dominique LUNTE, Biologist at the MAYMAT Laboratory and President of LBI, made a very remarkable intervention, about CSR, during the Young Biologists Congress of May 19 and 20, 2022. CSR is indeed a subject that affects everyone, and perhaps even more so a young generation that wants to contribute, on a daily basis, and therefore in its working environment, to a more sustainable planet, […]

What about ‘Ice Saints days”: legend or sciences? Pascal, our gardener, replies to you!

What about “Ice Saints days”?   Many people are gardening experts. Many are on the line , waiting to start planting, seeding, unlashing their creativity and planning for a fantastic garden future . How to explain then the fact that they just wait and do nnot start the job despite the last sunny weeks ? ” Ice Saints days” are around the corner and a […]

Welcome spring with its allergenes wave!

How to treat allergies ? Our nature changes in spring, we see our environment getting more beautiful with all these colors. Behind the beautiful nature is a wave of allergens! Due to the large proportion of the allergic population, this is considered a public health issue. In France, it is now considered that children are about 20% affected from the age of 9 and 30% for […]

Pascal, the LABELIANS gardener advice for a garden that is as relaxing as ours !

LABELIANS is a partner of laboratories and is part of a sustainable development approach. Its premises have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Japanese influences, respect for nature, respect for human beings at the heart of its daily activities, the LABELIANS garden is a soothing place for its employees. One of these employees is Pascal, our gardener. He invites you to visit […]

Christophe Balichard to speak at the Collège Français de Métrologie (CFM) Technical Day on April 5, 2022

The next Technical Day of the French College of Metrology (CFM) will take place on April 5 and will be accessible via webconference. This year, they will focus on medical biology and analysis laboratory instruments. Indeed, measuring instruments are widely used in the laboratory, such as balances, ph-meters, spectrometers, and the processes of the peri-analytical phase also require the use of instruments – centrifuges, thermo-static […]

LABELIANS sales team tips to keep smiling while working hard in the laboratory

The life of the laboratory is punctuated, of course, by the daily analytical routine and the reception of patients who are increasingly numerous in the waiting rooms. It is also punctuated by the regular visits of sales staff, particularly those of the LABELIANS team. Indeed, LABELIANS has always favoured its presence in the field, nothing beats human contact, active listening and “real” conversation, is it […]

Get to know Lauren Delan, Commercial director for LABELIANS From January 1992 to December 2008

Among the thirty employees on the logistics platform of Pannes (45), Laurent is a veteran and his long experience has been a valuable asset throughout the history of the group.