What about “Ice Saints days”?


Many people are gardening experts. Many are on the line , waiting to start planting, seeding, unlashing their creativity and planning for a fantastic garden future .

How to explain then the fact that they just wait and do nnot start the job despite the last sunny weeks ?

” Ice Saints days” are around the corner and a true gardener knows how careful you have to be before they pass.

Ice Saints days’ origin: legends and beliefs

According to a popular belief, winter time cold is back from May 11Th to 13th.

In the Chritian calendar, one day means one Saint, and in France, each Saint owns a proverb giving you some clue about weather forecasts.


On May 11th, “Beware, the first Ice Saint day, often you keep track of it”,

On May 12th, “Saint Pancras often brings ice”,

On May 13th, “Before Saint Servais no summer, after Saint Servais no more frost”.


As nothing is really straightforward with legends, be careful not to mix the “Ice Saints days” with the “Frozen Riders” ones.

You maybe think this is not quite a scientific and fact based approach.You are somehow right, but this events, which happens every year at the same time, has been the focus of scientific observation.


Science knows !

Science can explain this cold period – 3 or 4 days – during May.

A first theory, based on astrophysics, suggested that  Earth would pass through a dust cloud that would prevent solar radiation from reaching us.

This scenario was given up following the observations of the satellites during “Ice Saints “days  which did not highlight this cloud…


Researchers have brought forward a second theory based on meteorology and atmospheric circulation.

During winter, North is affected by cold periods; as soon as the anticyclonic conditions are back, cold gradually disappears. This transition is progressive. Anticyclonic conditions associated clear sky are enouogh for the temperature to drop over a short period of time, which is usually the second half of May. ….This is it!


Having learned all about the “Ice Saints” days origin, Pascal, our gardener, shares with you his advice for a good spring time start

“Anything can be planted, but you still need to be careful about a few things to ensure successful planting. You have to remember to prepare your ground well first!”

So it’s time to plant what will make your summer salads receipts: tomatoes and basil!

Tips and avices: Our expert, Pascal, adds an amendment such as manure up to 1kg/m² to ensure optimal yield.

Another idea is also good for the planet: consider associating plants that will allow you to naturally protect your vegetable garden.

For example, to protect your tomatoes, use carnations to attract insects and prevent disease – no chemical treatments required!

Garden is an opportunity to share, to be creative while respecting and protecting our environment.

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