The life of the laboratory is punctuated, of course, by the daily analytical routine and the reception of patients who are increasingly numerous in the waiting rooms. It is also punctuated by the regular visits of sales staff, particularly those of the LABELIANS team.

Indeed, LABELIANS has always favoured its presence in the field, nothing beats human contact, active listening and “real” conversation, is it not?

Staying close to the lab and to those who works in : the last two years challenge

Over the last two years, the rounds of our colleagues have been a bit rushed, a bit more demanding. The biologists have experienced, and continue to experience, very difficult working conditions, and the laboratory technicians, the great invisibles and forgotten in the fight against COVID, have seen their tasks become more onerous. At the same time, shortages (plastic, cardboard, energy, transport, etc.) appeared, which further complicated the organisation of laboratories and distributors. For everyone, the tension was high. Keeping smiling in all circumstances became almost a condition of survival in the face of the crisis!

To keep this good mood despite the vicissitudes, our colleagues in the field have their little secrets – shared in La Belle id – the internal journal of LABELIANS, coached by Anaël, in charge of major accounts, and collected during a CSR survey, which we have decided to reveal to you…

The results of the #laviedulabo survey of LABELIANS sales representatives

Unsurprisingly, coffee is Number One to get the day off to a good start, followed by sport, for the braver ones!

In the car, the clear trend for our itinerants is to make one call after another to make the most of their time!
Nevertheless, our colleagues in the field also follow the news and listen to music to soften their moods… So don’t be surprised if some of them are still singing when they arrive in your laboratory.

As far as organisation is concerned, the ideal day for our sales and technical staff is a mix of meetings and administration. Balance in everything seems to be the recipe for success and availability to listen to our customers. Of course the mood will be good if there is not too much urgency to deal with – but as you can imagine, this situation of quiet calm is quite rare since a certain March 2020.

However, our colleagues identify four key tips

Small pleasures and breaks: “I love breakfast on the way to the first meeting”, says one, “Taking a break after the last meeting and getting back to the administrative side of things in the early evening” is my favourite rhythm, confirms another.

Laughter: “Start the morning with a good slice of laughter on the radio” is my recipe for a happy day, says a salesperson from the southern region.

Good time management: “Plan the time needed to deal with current tasks as they come up” and therefore tackle busy weeks with serenity is something that almost everyone says.

Balance between activities: “Don’t insist on being tired, not too much work on the PC, a bit of sport, contacts” is the key to balance!

We are very curious about how you, as laboratory technicians, experience your working day in the laboratory. Would you be willing to answer three quick questions by clicking on this link? Who knows, maybe laviedulabo can help you brighten it up a bit?