Are you looking for tips on how to design your workbench? How to make it more ergonomic? Should it be modular? Faced with such a structuring project for your laboratory, you are no doubt asking yourself many questions.

So our team has done some research so you can be sure to prioritise five things to improve your workspace.

Your well-being is the key priority when designing your bench

To work well, you need to be able to sit comfortably and take advantage of the space necessary for your activity. In other words: leave room for your movements, limit your efforts and avoid MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). Design your workbench to make your life easier by adopting ergonomic storage accessories, for example.

Poor posture, the number one enemy of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), most often affecting the back and upper limbs, can be corrected by sitting properly and using ergonomic chairs. The most important thing is to be comfortable at work, so don’t hesitate to equip yourself !

Make sure the environment is suitable for your daily work

Furniture, such as the workbench and accessories, should be functional and practical. If everything is within easy reach, then the activity is optimised.
Therefore, opt for robust, shock-resistant furniture that is capable of supporting heavy and durable loads.

A workspace that is adapted to your daily activities will make you feel good and will be an excellent playground for performance.

Optimised storage, for example, will reduce your stress. A multitude of accessories can now be integrated into your workspace, making it easier to organise and saving you time.

Project yourself towards tomorrow

Because tomorrow starts with today, having modular furniture that can be adapted to different manipulators and that can evolve with your projects is a major asset in the layout of a laboratory.

Meeting today’s needs also means being able to look ahead to tomorrow. The actors in the laboratory must have the possibility of working alone in their field of expertise or in a team, on an innovative project.

And what if collaboration was the secret to success?

Think “teamwork” when designing your workbench

In order to progress more quickly, collaboration is at the heart of your activity. A space for sharing with your team members is becoming essential.
There are design solutions available.

If the majority of employees do not currently practice collaborative work (25%) or only practice it from time to time (47%), as the IT Social media emphasises, the trend is tending to be reversed, and for good reason: collaboration and teamwork are the basis for the successful completion of constructive work.

The modularity of the laboratory layout is therefore the basis of an environment conducive to collaboration. In fact, many suppliers are now surfing on this trend and competing with each other to offer you modular furniture.

Regulatory information

And because we are asked to do quality work, our equipment must also be up to the task.

Did you know that to fit out your laboratory bench, storage furniture for laboratories is subject to the NF 022 standard, which was adapted by the FCBA in 2020

They must meet the same technical requirements as domestic furniture (AFNOR standards NF X15-202 and NF X15-205 relating to laboratory installations having been cancelled).


Daily well-being is essential for our productivity. To facilitate our work while taking care of people, a number of solutions are now proposed. Innovative solutions that have the merit of plunging us into a productive and collaborative future.