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INTERSCIENCE & LABELIANS : complementary partners

INTERSCIENCE is one of our long-standing partners. At the beginning of this year, LABELIANS welcomed through André Quenot, Lionel Binot, Bruno Artiglieri, Béatrice Bolling, Christophe Balichard, to the LABELIANS smart service laboratory, Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques, Co-CEO, and Nicolas Guillot, INTERSCIENCE’s French Sales Manager. What a way to bring together our two companies, which have a lot in common, but also a lot to learn […]

Transportation bag : client experience, advices and choice criteria

An anomaly concerning the transportation bag, in a northern hospital center in France, has been highlighted following an internal audit of healthy and safety services. Indeed, the transportation solution used for the collection of samples in outlying sites had to be reviewed. Their transportation solution has been declared improper to ADR, which is an agreemen on international transportation of dangerous merchandise by road, because they […]

Implementing a range of I.H.W.A.D. (Infectious risk healthcare activities) collectors with LABELIANS

Implementing a I.H.W.A.D. range is a challenge. Choosing the right collectors and the accessories for the different departments of a hospital, setting up the equipment, training the teams, the list of challenges is long. Discover how LABELIANS has been a solid partner for the Clermont CHU in a particularly complicated period of the COVID19 pandemic. Implementing a range of I.H.A.W. (infectious risk healthcare waste) collectors […]

Finding the most suitable blood collection tubes for the integration of a new ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS chain : LABIO’s experience

LABIO lab project: Finding the most suitable blood collection tubes for the integration of a new ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS chain. The LABIO laboratory was created in 2012 following the merger of two laboratories, the Rotonde site laboratory directed by Dr David SEBAOUN and the TJ BIO laboratory directed by Dr Thierry JACOB. These laboratories belong to a federation of independents and are located in the […]

Building a new medical laboratory layout with LABELIANS bioleader design

Building project of a laboratory layout for a new building to house the future Daux laboratory in Issoire (63), which will replace the previous city centre laboratory. The DAUX laboratory located in Issoire has become a reference in this field over the years. Located in the town centre in fairly narrow premises on different floors, our client realised that it needed to expand its premises […]