LABIO lab project: Finding the most suitable blood collection tubes for the integration of a new ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS chain.

The LABIO laboratory was created in 2012 following the merger of two laboratories, the Rotonde site laboratory directed by Dr David SEBAOUN and the TJ BIO laboratory directed by Dr Thierry JACOB. These laboratories belong to a federation of independents and are located in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

The two founders were quickly joined by Dr Vincent VERNET in 2012 to form a group of 3 partners.

For a year and a half, the laboratory has been part of the LBI group. LABELIANS and LABIO are partners and have been working together since the birth of the laboratory.

The laboratory in Aix-en-Provence is the technical platform of the group, it receives the collection tubes from the different sampling sites and carries out the analyses.

LABIO values :

Putting the patient and his or her doctor at the heart of the concerns, despite the technical and regulatory constraints.

LABIO priority :

Patient health

Finally, the laboratory is concerned about the well-being of its employees at work, which is reflected in :

  • the installation of anti-noise plates to contribute to working comfort
  • the installation of a tube uncorking module to reduce the risk of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) and to reduce the risk of BSE (Blood Exposure Accident) by stopping the handling of uncorked tubes

In a permanent desire to improve its processes, the LABIO laboratory directed by Dr Vincent VERNET has decided to implement a new Ortho Clinical Diagnostics automation chain.

The new Ortho chain integrates :

  • An input/output module
  • the unitary plotting of tubes with recording of the analyses to be carried out as well as patient traceability via the bar code
  • a module for uncapping the tube
  • a conveyor that transports the tube to the immunology or biochemistry automaton or both, in the case of multiple analyses
  • a buffer zone that stores the tubes during the analysis
  • a re-capper

Why did you choose this Ortho channel ?

In addition, these machines use dry chemistry: no effluent or liquid waste to manage, which allows LABIO to preserve the environment.

Finally, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ technical and financial proposal was the most relevant.

This chain allowed them to internalise analyses such as insulin. These new analyses enable them to save about 50% of the time needed to deliver results: 24 hours for on-site treatment instead of 48/72 hours for sending to a specialised laboratory, which brings them closer to the practitioners, who thus receive their patients’ results more quickly.

The Ortho chain with its uncorker and re-corker has saved 3 hours per day of tube handling.

The technicians are delighted: “We wouldn’t go back for anything in the world, this time saving allows us to have more time to look at the results and record the analyses”.

Following this change, the LABIO laboratory, supported by LABELIANS in its development since 2012, needed to upgrade its range of collection tubes. Indeed, this new line allows it to perform different analyses: chemistry, immunology, serology using only one tube, so it is necessary to choose the right tube that will allow productivity gains thanks to this automation.


The LABELIANS solution: Offer the laboratory a KIMA collection tube compatible with the Orho Clinical Diagnostics automated system, a sampling volume adapted to the analyses to be performed, identifiable by the laboratory technicians.

The complete range of Vacutest Kima® blood sampling equipment allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The new Ortho Clinical Diagnostics line allows for different tube processing by means of individual tube racks, resulting in full automation of approximately 90 parameters. The collection tubes are automatically moved from one module to another.

Only one tube is required with a volume of 7ml. The medical analysis laboratory LABIO chose a red cap dry tube, 7ml with gel Ref. VK075SAS, distributed by LABELIANS.

“The switch to a single tube for the various assays has not only simplified the management of the number of tubes in the laboratory, but has also saved time and handling by the staff and increased productivity”, Dr Vincent VERNET, Director of the LABIO laboratory.

The Vacutest Kima® blood collection system is a complete closed system (needles, tubes, tube holder) and safe.


All the benefits of the Vacutest KIMA collection tube also contributed to the choice of LABIO

  • Different vacuum volumes for tubes adapted to all types of patients (adults, children, elderly…)
  • Standardised and always accurate filling of tubes in accordance with current standards (+/-10% of nominal volume)
  • Great ergonomics
  • PET tubes, good visualisation of the sample
  • Increased patient comfort due to triple bevelled needles
  • Safe tube holder for 100% safety of the laboratory staff

LABIO is assured of full regulatory compliance for its blood sample analyses

A wide range of solutons to fuel laoratory performance

A colour code that complies with current standards and a range of additives adapted to all blood tests.

Collection tubes compatibility with automats

Standard tube sizes:

  • 5ml: Ø 13xh75mm
  • 7ml: Ø 13xh100mm
  • 10ml: Ø 16xh100mm

Wide compatibility with current market automata (Beckman, Roche, Sysmex, Ortho Clinical, etc.);

The technical characteristics of the KIMA tube also appealed to LABIO

PET (polyethylene terephthalate): inert, hydrophobic and transparent

  • Good adhesion of the gel to the inner wall of the tube for more efficient separation
  • Ensures good visualisation of the sample
  • Impact resistant
  • Lightweight: reduces waste disposal costs 95kPa strength = ADR (Agreement for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) compliant

The gel in the collection tube ensures the quality of analysis that LABIO was looking for

Une qualité reconnue :

  • Isole les cellules et empêche les éventuelles fuites de leurs composants vers la phase liquide (plasma ou sérum)
  • Améliore la qualité des analyses
  • Silice + silicone pulvérisés sur la paroi interne du tube
  • Coagulation rapide et uniforme de 30 minutes avec ou sans séparateur

A recognised quality:

  • Isolates the cells and prevents possible leakage of their components into the liquid phase (plasma or serum)
  • Improves the quality of analyses
  • Silica + silicone sprayed on the inner wall of the tube
  • Fast and uniform coagulation of 30 minutes with or without separator

The cape of the collection tube satisfies the sampler

Large butyl piercing surface:

  • Easy penetration of the distal end of the sampling needle
  • Fast and easy tube passage: comfort for the patient and the sampler
  • Reduced risk of damage to the needle in automated systems
  • Significantly extends the life of the piercing systems

Styling cap made of polyethylene:

  • 2cm high with grooves for a good grip
  • Easy and reliable opening and closing of the tube, manual or automated
  • Colour coded to ISO 6710 for immediate identification
  • High quality butyl part that allows a “cap piercing” without risk of clogging for needles

The Vacutest Kima® range guarantees the identification and traceability of samples

  • Labelling

Easy identification of data

  1. Supplier reference
  2. Additive
  3. Batch number and expiry date
  4. Regulation
  5. Level indicator
  6. Cap colour
  7. Vacuum volume


  • Gauge lines on both sides of the label
  • Facilitate the work of the samplers (right and left handed)
  • Allows visual control of correct filling of the tube
  • Allows the respect of the blood/additive ratio and the accuracy of the analyses


The result: our customer’s satisfaction

The Vacutest Kima® 7ml dry gel tube meets the customer’s needs, thanks to its compatibility with the automated chain and its red cap which allows better identification, but that’s not all:

“The trust in our relationship with LABELIANS for several years, and the fact that we were already satisfied with the Vacutest Kima® collection tubes since their implementation on the other platforms of the laboratory, led us to solicit you again on this project. We are fully satisfied with the results provided by this new tube that we have just referenced for the new Ortho Clinical Diagnostics chain”, concludes Mr VERNET, Director of the LABIO laboratory.

LABELIANS is alongside you !

LABELIANS can also assist you with quality audits in the pre-analytical field.

The objectives of this service are to evaluate the compliance of the provisions related to the transport of samples with respect to the various standards (ISO 15189, ISO 22870).

If you are interested in our range, we are at your disposal on 0800 970 724 (toll-free number).