INTERSCIENCE is one of our long-standing partners.

At the beginning of this year, LABELIANS welcomed through André Quenot, Lionel Binot, Bruno Artiglieri, Béatrice Bolling, Christophe Balichard, to the LABELIANS smart service laboratory, Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques, Co-CEO, and Nicolas Guillot, INTERSCIENCE’s French Sales Manager.

What a way to bring together our two companies, which have a lot in common, but also a lot to learn from each other: long live complementarity!

LABELIANS and INTERSCIENCE: two French family companies

André Quenot created CML in 1971, today LABELIANS. A few years later, in 1979, François Jalenques founded INTERSCIENCE. The same era. The two founders have one thing in common: they are driven by a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

Both have a taste for architectural elegance and Japanese aesthetics, which is reflected in the design of their headquarters.
Another more personal commonality: André Quenot and François Jalenques both have Japanese wives, and in fact met as a family.

They share a similar entrepreneurial philosophy, marked by the will to move forward, to invest and to innovate continuously. The CML-ID Group and INTERSCIENCE are SMEs (nearly 160 employees for LABELIANS, CEB and CML-ID and 140 employees for INTERSCIENCE).

Partner companies: differences and complementarities

We also have differences, which are as many complementarities.

INTERCIENCE is a manufacturer of bags and automatons (design and manufacturing done 100% in-house).
They have 7 sites in the world, including a subsidiary in Tokyo and a subsidiary in Shanghai.
Their annual turnover is around 20 million euros. INTERSCIENCE is internationally oriented, since 80% of its turnover is realized in export.
Their customers are microbiology laboratories from different fields, such as food hygiene, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics…

LABELIANS and INTERSCIENCE are long time partners for sampling bags for different applications (in food industry for example), and more punctually for automats. INTERSCIENCE is focused on innovation, with 31 registered patents and many engineers.
They are currently building two future buildings of 3000 m2 each, of eco-responsible design (with solar panels!). This echoes our CSR approach.

A meeting under LABELIANS PARTNERS banner

LABELIANS is expanding its innovation ecosystem, in which INTERSCIENCE is fully involved.

This meeting allowed us to share with Emmanuel and Jules Jalencques, and with Nicolas Guillot, our strategy, our progresses, but also to visit our sites of Pannes and Nemours, with in especially the discovery of our metrology laboratory, LABELIANS smart service.

It was an opportunity to lay the basis for a common growth and a reflection on possible partnerships between our two companies, on services, logistics, or on products and materials.

Our three guests, delighted with their day, have in turn invited their LABELIANS contacts to meet them on their own site, in order to continue the exchanges.