Cost-effective solutions for laboratories – everyone is looking for them, but what are the possible levers?

Laboratories are affected by revisions to the reimbursement of medical biology procedures and the consequences of inflation.

Added to this are the costs inherent in the analytical chain, which are becoming increasingly significant due to the development of techniques that make it possible to produce more reliable results in less time.

To enable laboratories to implement these techniques, it is important to be able to offer solutions that adapt to these new methods while keeping costs down.

One consumable is present everywhere at many stages of the analytical process: the micropipette tips.

In order to reduce costs, LABELIANS offers you a simple solution that is quick to implement and has many advantages: tips reload.


Cost-effective solution for the laboratory: the easy-to-use point reloading system

A good refill system must have an intuitive design that makes loading the empty rack quick and effortless.

The solution offered by LABELIANS in partnership with AHN is one that allows you to go from a refill to a rack in just 4 steps.

Looking for cost-effective solutions for the laboratory!

This cost-effective solution saves time, eliminating the need to manually refill racks with bulk nails.


Refill system with high-quality pipette tips

Choosing a refill tip system does not mean any deterioration in the quality of the consumable.

In fact, the tips are strictly the same as the rack versions and filling the racks with the refill system has no effect on the quality of the tips.

AHN myTip tips are all made from high-quality virgin polypropylene, produced in diamond-polished moulds for perfect transparency and smoothness of the wall (with no chemical additives that could present risks of salting-out and therefore interfere with analysis results).

All tips are certified free of DNases, RNases and pyrogens.


A cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for the laboratory!

In addition to its economic benefits, the AHN tip refill system has also been designed with a view to reducing environmental impact.

The concept of a tip refill system enables laboratories to reduce the number of plastic supports destined for the bin. The design of the AHN tip refill system minimises plastic waste compared to other tip refill systems. Even the packaging materials used in the AHN tip refill system are carefully selected to ensure that they can be recycled.


Significant reduction in storage space!

Switching from a rack solution to a refill solution reduces the storage space dedicated to your tips by 75%.



All AHN myTip tips are available from LABELIANS, as are the micropipettes that go perfectly with this range of tips.

If you are interested in this range but are hesitating because your calibration needs to be reviewed, LABELIANS can help you with the support of a dedicated metrology service and also with this article explaining how to change cones between 2 calibrations!

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