Low Retention micropipette tips are high innotive technology for liquid hangling.

LABELIANS is a key partner of AHN Biotechnologies, a German manufacturer specialising in a wide range of consumables and tools for handling liquids.

Among the many references on offer, one range is particularly strategic for laboratories: tips! These are consumables used in large quantities, and their quality has a direct impact on analytical results.

Image extract from the white paper produced by our partner AHN Biotechnologies

To ensure the reliability of AHN’s Low Retention tips solution, AHN carried out a detailed, documented study to answer the question “Why do we need Low Retention micropipette tips?


Here is the starting point for this study:

“Imagine you’re working in a molecular biology lab, conducting a series of critical PCR experiments. You need to transfer a precise volume of your DNA sample into a new tube for each reaction to ensure accurate amplification.

Using standard pipette tips, some of your sample adheres to the tip’s inner surface, leading to inconsistent volumes and potentially skewed results. In this scenario, low retention tips become invaluable. With these specialized tips, nearly all of your sample is transferred, minimizing sample loss and ensuring that your PCR reactions are consistently accurate, reproducible, and reliable. Low retention tips are the key to achieving the precision required in such sensitive laboratory tasks, making them an essential tool for any molecular biologist.”

Extract from the white paper produced by our partner AHN Biotechnologies


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