Serological pipettes and laboratory … Every laboratory Technician has handled or needs to handle liquid products with a serological pipette!

But all serological pipettes are not equivalent: format variety and specifications can make all the difference.


A short history …

Serological pipettes are graduated plastic pipettes and yet we call them serological pipettes: do you know why?

Because of their historical use in serology.

Their design, which allows precise volumetric measurements, is ideal for serum handling.

They were originally made of glass, but the plastic version became more widespread in laboratories, replacing the glass serological pipette for several reasons:

  • Economics: plastic is cheaper than glass,
  • Ergonomics: plastic is lighter,
  • Safety: plastic is more shock-resistant, reducing the risk of broken parts and injury,
  • Contamination risk management: the switch to plastic means that pipettes are single-use, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination.


About serological pipettes

Serological pipettes are designed to accurately measure and transfer liquids, particularly volumes ranging from a few milliliters to tens of milliliters.

They have graduations along their length, enabling the volume to be measured accurately. These pipettes are commonly used in medical biology, cell culture and research laboratories, for tasks such as transferring reagents, diluting samples or preparing media.

To pipette, don’t forget to combine it with a pipetting accessory, because mouth pipetting is no longer an option!

Several solutions exist:

  • Manual instruments such as pipetting bulbs,
  • Electronic tools such as pipettors.

The choice will clearly depend on how the laboratory uses them (ergonomics, number of uses, budget, etc.). LABELIANS tells you more about electronic pipettors!


Serological pipettes: what are its benefits?

It must be transparent to allow the liquid being handled to be seen clearly: this is possible thanks to the use of polystyrene during manufacture.


You can use the inverted scale to extend the range of applications.






Negative graduations extend the pipetting range. Example: on a 25ml pipette, we can have a range of negative graduations allowing pipetting of up to 35ml.





A color code on the paper and on the pipette makes it easy to identify the model of pipette used = saves time and reduces the risk of volumetric error.





There are different pipette formats for the same volume to suit the workstation ergonomics and liquid flow characteristics:

  • A short format will be particularly appreciated when working in a fume hood.
  • A pipette with a large orifice is preferable for handling viscous or heterogeneous liquids.
Serological pipettes - Format

Various format for 1 volume


Serological pipettes - Wide openning

Standard or wide openning



Impact on the risk of contamination?

NERBE serological pipettes offered by LABELIANS are suitable for applications where the risk of contamination needs to be minimized thanks to:

  • The design of a biologically inert product,
  • The absence of chemicals in the manufacturing process that could cause leaching in analyses,
  • The absence of phthalates or other SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) in accordance with European directive REACH 1907/2006,
  • Non-cytotoxicity for safe use in cell culture processes,
  • The presence of a lint-free PE (polyethylene) filter for the safety of the sample and the equipment used to aspirate and discharge the liquid.


To conclude, serological pipettes have a crucial function in laboratory work, facilitating the accurate measurement and transfer of liquids.

It is essential to adapt the serological pipettes used to the handling to be carried out (workspace, quality of the liquid).

Good quality serological pipettes are essential to guarantee reliable experimental results and maintain laboratory safety.

Find out more about the NERBE range offered by LABELIANS by downloading this documentation or by contacting LABELIANS customer service for more information.

Do not hesitate to contact LABELIANS to test the NERBE serological pipettes.