LABELIANS is a partner of laboratories and is part of a sustainable development approach. Its premises have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Japanese influences, respect for nature, respect for human beings at the heart of its daily activities, the LABELIANS garden is a soothing place for its employees.

One of these employees is Pascal, our gardener.

He invites you to visit this garden and gives you his spring gardening advice.





Pascal, the gardener who makes spring flourish !

LABELIANS needed a soul and hands gentle enough to maintain this sublime vegetation.

That’s why Pascal, her personal gardener, was elected to take care of her all year long. He is as capable of trimming bamboo hedges as he is of bringing forth beautiful flowers.

Well beyond his role as a gardener, he takes the time to offer his advice to LABELIANS employees.



3 spring advice from Pascal 

March has been here for several days now. It is high time to put on the gloves to take care of the garden. Hopefully the weather will remain favorable…

  1. Clean up your garden

Often, the garden is left uncultivated throughout the winter in order to protect the soil and prevent it from being exposed.

The weather is now milder and encourages plants to start up again. It’s time to clean up your garden.

  1. Prepare the soil

To do this, you can start by digging up the soil, decompacting it with a grelinette, for example, and adding an amendment to fertilize the garden.

  1. Plant

You can now install your berry bushes and/or aromatic plants (non-frozen) such as lemon balm or thyme.

Melliferous perennials are also welcome because they produce pollen en masse and thus ensure an indispensable ecological transition for biodiversity!

The month of March is the best time to give your plants time to take root and thus better resist periods of drought.


The team hopes to create some green hands among its readers!