Among the thirty employees on the logistics platform of Pannes (45), Laurent is a veteran and his long experience has been a valuable asset throughout the history of the group.

Laurent Delan
Laurent DelanCommercial director
From January 1992 to December 2008

LABELIANS ex CML and Socorex have been working together for almost 40 years.

Socorex Isba is a Swiss company, 50 years old like us and a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-precision dosing instruments for handling liquids in laboratories and veterinarians.

LABELIANS has chosen SOCOREX ISBA SA to offer its customers a range of premium quality micropipettes for an effective cost positioning that meets the expectations of laboratories in France and abroad in terms of reliable, ergonomic and durable instrumentation allowing an assay specific.

Laurence Louy, Business Developer SOCOREX answers questions from Béatrice Bolling Marketing Director for LABELIANS

Why did you choose this partnership with LABELIANS?

Socorex and LABELIANS have been partners since the 1980s. We have in common a family and independent organizational structure which LABELIANS allows us to share the same values.

What are the reasons you enjoy working with us?

LABELIANS has always been dynamic, responsive and able to think “out of the box”. The team has always been stable around the charismatic leadership of Mr. André Quenot, and we have forged relationships of trust and partnership with our interlocutors (and especially our interlocutors) over the years.

What is your vision of the laboratory, of its evolution, and how does your offer take part in it effectively?

The volume of samples decreases due to the improvement of the detection limits of the analytical instruments. Reagents are becoming more specialized, more expensive and must be dosed accurately. The need for reliable volumetric instruments in small volumes between 0.1 and 1000 µl remains high, despite the automation and robotization of many routine manipulations. SOCOREX’s offer therefore naturally meets the laboratory’s expectations.

Could you cite an experience, a moment, an anecdote that will have marked our relationship over these 5 decades?

The list is long since we share more than 40 years of collaboration, two strong moments perhaps stand out, first of all the visit of the entire CML sales team in Lausanne for the visit of the factory and a bit of tourism. on our lake. The other memorable memory was a 2-day seminar to participate in the creation of the CML stand for a laboratory show. Under the aegis of Patricia Chevillot, CML brought together employees, one or two clients and one or two suppliers to think about the vision and the message to be conveyed.

How do you plan our collaboration for the next 50 years (at least …)?

We hope to be able to celebrate together the 100 years of Socorex (in 2063) and of LABELIANS in 2071, perhaps our descendants… but in any case to continue working together in the same energy.

What is your news? What are your projects ?

Socorex is always listening to its partners and the market to improve its offer in high quality products and follows the digital turn to offer better tools such as image banks for web-shops, webinars for training and knowledge sharing, videos to better use the products. In addition to our quality instruments, our responsiveness and our quality of service allow us to meet the expectations of the market and our partners according to our slogan: Socorex, your quality partner in precision dosing.

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