Augmented reality is no longer a tech geek stuff. Indeed, smartphones are in every single hand and AR apps and technology is at one arm’s length now. Stay tuned: this becomes the new lab asset you will fancy experiencing !

What is augmented reality?

It is an intuitive experience that allows users to integrate a virtual image into the real world, through smartphone or tablet screen.

AR apps is a very handy thing. You only need to scan the space in which you are and wave phone camera from right to left. Artificial Intelligence will detect your location in the room and can integrate the desired object to the right dimension.

It is also possible to scan an object to find all the related information: instruction guide, maintenance procedures, training sheet…

Why using augmented reality in your lab?

1.Test the furniture in real situation you buy it

Augmented reality makes it possible to improve user experience by virtually integrating 3D objects into a real universe.

For example, if you want to change the sampling chair of your medical analysis laboratory, the augmented reality program will allow you to project it into your collection room. Thus, you will be able to directly see if the dimensions are suitable for the space and if the colors adapt to those of your laboratory…

2.Easily access all your documents

To do this, simply scan the desired object with your smartphone so that the artificial intelligence can detect and open the linked files.

For example, by scanning the centrifuge placed on your bench, all the documents listed on this reference are directly available. User manuals, internal procedure sheets, training manuals or maintenance documents are accessible to all, without even having to turn on the computer.

3.Train your employees in a fun way

All your employees can now have access training. On the same principle as to access a document, the application uses artificial intelligence to detect the training to be offered around a specific reference.

For example, if you receive a new centrifuge reference in your laboratory, you make the machine training available to all your colleagues, thanks to augmented reality. The lab technician will just have to scan the device to access 3D training.

How to have access to augmented reality in your laboratory?

New in the laboratory’s world, augmented reality is developed by LABELIANS bioleader design to make it accessible to all laboratory technicians.

Therefore, it is now possible to acquire this technology for your laboratory from LABELIANS. Indeed, the company wants to make laboratories ever more innovative. For this, it is a whole experts team who put R&D at the heart of their projects.

LABELIANS will accompany you in all your augmented reality projects.

Let’s make future easy for the laboratory…