It is indeed possible to design a custom lab !

Whether you are opening a new laboratory, or the current layout no longer suits you, the solution of custom-made to the nearest millimeter is the ultimate solution.

If you wish to get advice on the design of your laboratory or if you wish to find the right design office to achieve your wishes, then you are at the right place.

What are the benefits of a custom lab ?

The customized laboratory allows to organize the work space in an ergonomic and functional way, for example:

  • Thinking about the depth of the bench to the nearest millimeter to accommodate a PLC without excessively encroaching on the circulation axes.
  • Adjusting the width of the bench to overcome the problem of walls that are not at right angles to each other.
  • Guarantee automats access by adjusting the height of the bench according to the needs of the laboratory: no need to bend down or climb on a step to access the machines.
  • Make sure that the technical platform is organized thanks to the colored bench tops to facilitate the work area identification.
  • Customize the colors of your equipment to affirm the identity of the laboratory or to give a decorative touch, because yes, the laboratory has the right to be of another color than white.
  • Simplify and secure the flow of traffic in your laboratory by integrating rounded corners to enamelled glass benches.
  • Equip your benches with casters to make them extremely mobile.

All these examples of customization options, whether in terms of dimensions or additional features, have only one goal: to improve your performance through an optimized work space.

Réalisation d'un Laboratoire sur mesure

Wall unit made to mesure

Laboratoire sur mesure avec couleur

Lab table color base

Laboratoire sur mesure angles arrondis

Lab table with rounded corner

What are the steps to follow for the achievement of a custom laboratory?

To design your custom laboratory, you will have to go through different steps:

  • Select a design office specialized in laboratory layout
  • Establish together the list of your needs
  • Validate the specifications taking into account the space to be fitted out, the plan of the laboratory and the desired equipment
  • Let the design office manage the order, delivery and installation

You can learn more about the realization of a customized laboratory with LABELIANS bioleader design, the design office specialized in laboratory layout, by reading the article ” Layout of a medical analysis laboratory “.

How to choose the right design office specialized in laboratory layout ?

Many suppliers of laboratory equipment offer a custom-made service, but very few of them practice tailor-made. This is why it is important to ask yourself the right questions about the services that your future partner must provide.

First of all, the project manager who will handle your request will have to follow certain rules:

  • Play the part of advisor : he must listen to your needs and understand them as well as suggest the best possible project to make you benefit from his experience.
  • Be available : to design custom elements, it is essential that a member of the design office travels to take measurements and to evaluate the full potential of your workspace.
  • To ensure a follow-up from crave to grave by limiting to the maximum the number of different contacts and thus avoiding confusion.
  • To carry out a site completion in order to ensure the conformity of the project and the satisfaction of the customer.

Then, a good design office specialized in laboratory layout will assist you in the design of your project with different tools:

  • Space design software specialized in technical layout.
  • Reliable, clear and realistic project presentation support
  • 2D plans to scale
  • Ultra-realistic 3D visuals

Some design offices, such as LABELIANS bioleader design, offer a unique solution by allowing you to visualize your future laboratory in 360° video format. This guarantees a perfect grasp of the future layout and the assurance of seeing a laboratory perfectly adapted to your needs.

Customization is not only about dimensions, it is also linked to the idea of personalization and optimization of the laboratory or the future equipment (bench, furniture …)

Clément YSEMBERT, Project Manager at LABELIANS bioleader design

LABELIANS bioleader design : a design office specialized in custom lab

LABELIANS bioleader design has also chosen to work on each new layout project as a new adventure. Its priority is to allow laboratories to express their full potential with the best possible working conditions.

Whether it is for a complete laboratory or a specific request, LABELIANS bioleader design meets the requirements of laboratories to the millimeter with 100% customizable projects.

Thanks to their solid experience in this field, the design office team is working on a project that will soon become essential to your laboratory…


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