Laboratory layout and hygiene are closely linked. In addition to the unavoidable subject of ventilation and air circulation, electrical energy management and personal protective equipment, you will have to reconcile numerous constraints to ensure the perfect safety of your technicians on their benches.

Laboratory layout: go with the flow !

The design of the layout & positioning of each item has a significant impact on the airflow in the laboratory.

A well thought out layout can either threaten or improve this circulation which is important in a risk management context.

A bench or storage unit with, for example, a solid shelf, without ventilation, obviously creates an obstacle to ventilation. However, by using a perforated or slatted shelf or back instead, particles can be dispersed more easily and safely to minimise risk.

Ensuring that there is sufficient space around the equipment so that air does not stagnate should be a priority

Take care of details to minimize risks

Poorly designed laboratory furnishings create many nooks and crannies that are favourite havens for microbes. A bacterium will quickly storm a hidden ledge and a colony can grow there, doubling every ten minutes.

Make sure your furniture has no ledges or edges to minimise the risk of a microbial alert.

Even if the greatest attention is paid to the design of the furniture, effective cleaning is absolutely critical and unavoidable.

Choosing the right cleaning products is of course crucial, but so is surrounding yourself with experts who can suggest the right benchtop materials that are resistant to detergents and intensive washing.

Laboratory layout and hygiene: start from your cleaning routines !

Your choice of layout should be based on your disinfection and sterilisation routines.

It should facilitate surface cleaning operations and processes.

Having the necessary space to “get into the corners” is just one example of the points to watch out for.

Get in touch with your hygiene colleagues and your cleaning teams, whose experience will surely reveal sources of significant gains:

  • cleaning time
  • hygiene efficiency
  • efficiency of product use (less detergent used)

Making the right choice of laboratory design and layout is a long-term investment. This choice reduces the risks in the laboratory for your technicians and also reduces cleaning times and the environmental impact inherent in the use of single-use wiping products and materials.

Three good reasons to call the expertise of LABELIANS bioleader design to assist you in all your projects.