Tanguy LEROUX, the youtuber from the lab and the hospital, answered questions from laviedulabo.fr . You may already follow him on linkedin or on youtube. If you don’t yet, you’ll surely want to do so after reading this interview.


Do you know Tanguy Leroux?

It was when he was a young pharmacy intern at the CHI in Elbeuf that Tanguy Leroux took his camera in hand and started filming in his daily work environment, in the laboratory, but also in all the hospital departments affected by the pandemic in 2020.

The thirty-year-old, who has just finished his thesis at the end of 2021, is ALSO a professional videographer.

His videos, hosted on his eponymous YouTube channel, were an immediate success and there are now nearly 15,000 subscribers who follow and share his films.

At laviedulabo.fr we love this channel because it is worthy of a true journalistic work of popularization of science and also because we like to find the well done realization, the well put together scenarios, the fascinating topics and the nice tone of Tanguy.

What is special about his videos?

They are very educational without being pedantic. They have a very contemporary “YouTuber” style, while remaining serious and scientific.

So we interviewed Tanguy to find out more about his background, his motivations and his activity.

Tanguy, can you tell us where you got the idea to practice your video skills in your professional activity?

That’s when I realised that my family didn’t have a clue what I was actually doing on a daily basis!

My mother couldn’t see what I was doing during my night shifts at the lab ahah!

That’s why one night I took my camera with me and filmed: the analyses, the blood tubes, the automatons, the microscope etc. When I published my vlog on YouTube, I didn’t expect to get such a response: more than 200,000 views and almost 500 comments!

The world of the laboratory fascinates the general public. This motivated me to make other videos, choosing different themes each time: haematology, bacteriology, parasites… All this allows me to mix the 2 passions that have always driven me: science and video 😊

Tanguy Leroux, what is your view of biology in hospitals?

It is essential for the proper functioning of a hospital. It should be noted that 70% of diagnoses are made – among other things – thanks to medical biology examinations. The skills of the laboratory technicians and the expertise of the biologists are essential in the care of hospitalized patients.

What is your best shooting memory?

It was when I had the opportunity to go on the Rouen SAMU’s helicopter, the Viking, to film a video about the emergency unit! In this docu-drama, we staged the urgent medical care of a patient who was a victim of a road accident. We flew low over Rouen and then landed on the roof of the university hospital, just like in an action movie! A memorable experience!

What do you think your chain can bring to our community?

I think that today, it is essential to communicate on what we do in order to promote our professions. As health professionals, we also have our place in these new media (YouTube, Instagram, podcasts etc.) to pass on good information from reliable sources to the general public and to promote prevention. By revealing what goes on behind the scenes in our laboratories, we demonstrate transparency to people. In the age of Covid 19 and multiple conspiracy theories, it doesn’t hurt!

At the same time, I receive a lot of messages from high school or university students who would like to embark on a medical or scientific career. I’m extremely pleased to see that my videos can reassure them and even boost their vocation! When I think back to when I was 17 and had no idea what to do with my professional life, I think that I would have liked to have come across videos like this!

Can you tell us what your next video is about?

I just finished shooting it! And all I can tell you is that I got my nephew William, who is 8 years old and interested in science and microscopy, involved! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you don’t miss it😉

Have a good viewing!
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