The ecology topic and environmental protection have gained considerable momentum over the last few years. It is a matter that concerns us all, both in our personal and professional lives. This responsibility towards nature and the ecosystems that surround us is something we feel on a daily basis.

The same is true, of course, on our laboratory benches. But in this environment, the subject becomes particularly complex.

Being environmentally friendly in the laboratory: a real challenge!

Most laboratory equipment and consumables need your attention.

But you should also pay attention to how they get to the bench.

Beyond manufacturing, you should also focus on the packaging that is legitimately used.

rom the particularly energy-intensive thermostatic chamber, through the waste disposal drums containing biological, chemical or radioactive waste, to the collection jars and bottles, to the plastic tubes, the cone tips and the chemicals themselves, the laboratory generates a significant environmental impact.

There are many material recycling projects proposed by our suppliers, but they are confronted with the use of the laboratory.

Indeed, in the laboratory, the safety of the technicians and the samples is the first priority.

Single use is the rule in most laboratories because they guarantee the purity of the samples, and of course this implies a high amount of plastic waste.

Until today, our biological world has not been able to recycle this plastic waste properly, mainly because the regulatory framework for biological, chemical or radioactive risk prohibits it.

Environmental sustainability in the laboratory: LABELIANS is committed!

At LABELIANS, we take care to favour premium equipment, whose lifespan is therefore – in essence – optimised.

We support you in the after-sales service of your equipment in order to avoid too frequent renewal.

It may also be necessary to act on the entire chain of partnerships that unite around the safety of the sample and the laboratory technician.

In this way, the world of biology will be a universe that takes full measure of its social and environmental responsibility.

We can certainly have a positive impact on the environment by taking an interest in compensating for the travel of our teams.

But also by collaborating with industrialists who share this same concern we are taking the right direction.

Finally, we can ensure the well-being of our employees and respect working conditions that are respectful of people.

This is the path taken by LABELIANS employees to commit themselves daily to the diversity of their professions. A challenge that is certainly difficult but not impossible!


And you, how do you integrate concern for your environmental impact into your daily life in the laboratory?