Secondary packaging and ADR…the biological samples transport is regulated by the ADR – Accord for Dangerous goods by Road.

ADR requires that a biological sample be packaged in 3 levels of packaging with specific characteristics for each of them.

  • Primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Outer packaging

Which features do secondary packaging have?

ADR requires the secondary packaging to be leakproof.

If the primary packaging (collection of the biological sample) is resistant to a differential pressure of 95kPa, a leakproof secondary packaging solution must be used without any other characteristics.

For a primary packaging that is not resistant to a pressure differential of 95kPa, the secondary packaging must be resistant to a pressure differential of 95kPa.


95kPa resistant secondary packaging: its high-tech design

To ensure high mechanical strength, it is recommended to use robust materials such as HREP: High Strength Polyethylene – this is a type of LDPE.


Why? Because LDPE offers higher strength properties. With a thickness of 120 μm compared to 50 μm for a standard zip bag.

It also has good puncture resistance and improved rigidity.


Eco-friendly plastic?

The 95kPa bags offered by LABELIANS are printed with acrylic-based inks that avoid released solvents, volatile organic compounds during printing.

The material used is fully recyclable, also in favor of single-material approaches, so that the bag is also fully recyclable.


Regarding the bag’s design, it is eco-designed, which means that the design of the 95kPa pressure differential bag is meant to reduce the waste part of the manufacturing process. The design has been worked out to use as less material as possible while maintaining the technical properties of the bag.


Performance guarantee: a package resistant to a differential pressure of 95kPa?

LABELIANS transport bags have a differential pressure resistance of 95 kPa: they are approved according to the standards of the packing instructions P650 and P620.

Tests are carried out by the manufacturer to ensure this resistance in accordance with national and international regulations for the transport of infectious substances UN3373.


Performance testing includes pressurization after filling to the equivalent of 1 bar (which is greater than 95kPa).



The 95kPa differential pressure bag will therefore provide maximum protection for the sample and handlers during transport.


Packaging solutions exist for all biological samples, please contact LABELIANS to discover our complete range of compliant and efficient products.