Eric is a “tiktoker” very valued by the community of laboratory technicians. We decided to meet him and let you discover him to make you share this source of everyday good mood.

Do you know TikTok? It is one of the latest social networks. Particularly popular among young people, it allows them to watch short videos, often funny.
Among the many subscribers of this platform, laviedulabo found a good number of laboratory technicians, and notably the videos posted by Eric Escudier.

Who is Eric Escudier ?

Beyond his TikTok account, Eric Escudier is an experienced laboratory technician with a rich and varied background.

After his degree in Biological Analysis, he did his military service in the laboratory of the army hospital in Marseille. During twenty years, he went on various missions in Kosovo, Djibouti and Afghanistan.

He now works at the Eurofins laboratory of the Istres Clinic.

Our meeting with Eric Escudier

When we first contacted him, Eric Escudier thought it was a joke. He never imagined that his TikTok videos would be big enough to be interviewed.
Discover this exchange full of good humor…

LVDL: How did you come up with the idea of launching on TikTok?

E.E.: TikTok came about during the lockdown. At that time, we had a huge workload in the lab because of COVID, and to be honest, we were all a bit “over our heads”.

During the on-call, night or on-call times, I was watching TikTok and I thought we could do something fun by trying to distract from the daily life of the lab with humorous TikTok videos.

That’s where the idea came from to start a TikTok account that would be inspired by life in the lab.

Then I contacted the moderator of the “You Know You’re a Lab Tech” Facebook group, who gave me permission to post my videos there. One of them was a success that I didn’t expect. This encouraged me to make more videos…

LVDL: Where do you find the inspiration to combine humor and lab?

E.E.: In the day-to-day work. There are times during the day when I think, “We could hijack this. So we look for lyrics on TikTok that could go with the scene.
My co-workers even want to participate in TikTok videos with me…

LVDL: So your colleagues support you in this process?

E.E.: Oh yes, they do! They even tell me: “you didn’t make a video this week, how come?

LVDL: And does the community of lab technicians support you?

E.E.: Yes. There are a lot of lab techs thanks to the hashtags but also people from various backgrounds.

People from Eurofins, the quality department or other colleagues recognize me and say: “Ah but you are Eric from TikTok”.
When our laboratory was audited, a COFRAC auditor also recognized me and said: “I follow you on TikTok”.

LVDL: If you had to choose only one video, which one would you choose?

E.E.: I really like the duet with the little girl who gives me the code by phone to unlock an automat.[…] There is also a concept I would like to develop more about the work we do in the lab. I have already made one based on an empty tube whose path is followed from the blood sample to the centrifuge, etc. This idea may interest people like the laboratory.

This idea may be of interest to people like nurses who don’t know what happens to the tubes after they bring them to the lab. This way, they can better understand why we often come back to them for a certain type of sample or for a tube that is not correctly filled.

Where to find Eric Escudier ?

If, like us, you were convinced by this interview, we invite you to find Eric Escudier on his TikTok (@ericescudier).

You can also find him on the Facebook group “You know you are a lab technician when…”.

It is in the sharing of experiences and new discoveries that is built day after day. Each lab technician can bring his stone to the building.