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The challenge is to control the risks of DNA or RNA contamination during the PCR process!

All technicians working in molecular biology laboratories, whether in medical biology, veterinary, industrial or research laboratories, are perfectly aware of the crucial importance of maintaining a contamination-free environment. And molecular biology analysis techniques such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) require highly appropriate equipment, and an environment totally free of DNA or RNA. Any unwanted nucleic acids can have a significant impact on the reliability of […]

Augmented reality is coming to your laboratory: stay tuned!

Augmented reality is no longer a tech geek stuff. Indeed, smartphones are in every single hand and AR apps and technology is at one arm’s length now. Stay tuned: this becomes the new lab asset you will fancy experiencing !

3 reasons to add virtual reality into your laboratory design project

For several years now, virtual reality headsets are part of our daily lives and they are gradually starting to pop up in the labs.  This technology is no longer a simple entertainment stuff, it has become a true work tool to grow performance. Virtual reality offers a 360° experience, using assets that simulate an IRL environment in the virtual world. For example, the most well-known […]

The sorting and recycling of waste changes in France !

On June 29th 2021, a decree has been issued to inform users about the waste sorting rule for products subject to the principle of extended producer responsibility. This legal text becomes effective the day after its publication. The previous labelling is to be implemented gradually from 2022 Jan. 1st on.

Environmental sustainability in the laboratory world : mission impossible or difficult ?

The ecology topic and environmental protection have gained considerable momentum over the last few years. It is a matter that concerns us all, both in our personal and professional lives. This responsibility towards nature and the ecosystems that surround us is something we feel on a daily basis. The same is true, of course, on our laboratory benches. But in this environment, the subject becomes […]