A little fun in the lab

Eric Escudier the lab techs TikTok entertainer

Eric is a “tiktoker” very valued by the community of laboratory technicians. We decided to meet him and let you discover him to make you share this source of everyday good mood. Do you know TikTok? It is one of the latest social networks. Particularly popular among young people, it allows them to watch short videos, often funny. Among the many subscribers of this platform, […]

Tanguy Leroux, THE French labs youtuber answers laviedulabo questions !

Tanguy LEROUX, the youtuber from the lab and the hospital, answered questions from laviedulabo.fr . You may already follow him on linkedin or on youtube. If you don’t yet, you’ll surely want to do so after reading this interview.

LABELIANS sales team tips to keep smiling while working hard in the laboratory

The life of the laboratory is punctuated, of course, by the daily analytical routine and the reception of patients who are increasingly numerous in the waiting rooms. It is also punctuated by the regular visits of sales staff, particularly those of the LABELIANS team. Indeed, LABELIANS has always favoured its presence in the field, nothing beats human contact, active listening and “real” conversation, is it […]

You know you are a lab tech when…

A lab tech builds up a multitude of rather magical skills in the course of his or her professional career. Sometimes they are very useful in everyday life. What is your superpower?