For a patient, knowing how to collect 24-hour urine is a real question. Thus, faced with this 2L canister, many patients feel a bit helpless. However, the quality of urine analysis also depends on the quality of its collection.

Therefore, laboratories and manufacturers of 24-hour urine bottles must work hand in hand to offer patients all the information they need to perform a quality collection, while respecting their dignity, for a reliable, accurate and reproducible analysis result.

A urine chemistry sample always begins with a complete emptying of the bladder in the morning after waking up on the first day in the toilet. The patient notes his name, first name, date of birth. The patient collects all the urine, without exception, during the next 24 hours, then brings it back to the laboratory within 8 hours after 24 hours.

The patient is careful to note the time of the first collection in the bottle.

How to collect 24-hour urine: your patients may have many questions

What should I do if I have to pass stool within 24 hours?

The patient must collect urine before passing stool.

At what time should I start the collection?

Collection begins after the bladder has been completely emptied in the toilet.

Remember to note the time of the first collection.

Why do I need to fill this bottle? Will there be enough room to hold my urine for 24 hours?

The usual amount of urine output in 24 hours is 1.5 L (maximum 2 L). This is the equivalent of about 5 to 7 voids of 200 to 250 ml in 24 hours. If you need an additional container, you can use the container of your choice: we are looking to examine the chemistry of the urine, it is not necessary to have a sterile container to guarantee the validity of the analysis.

How to urinate in the bottle?

It is not always comfortable to urinate in a 24-hour bottle. You can, of course, first urinate in a smaller container that is more comfortable for you, and then pour the contents into the collection bottle.

How do I complete the collection?

Complete the collection at the end of the 24 hours by emptying the bladder well for a final collection in the 24-hour urine bottle

What to do when the 24 hours are over?

Close the cap tightly (which is designed to prevent leakage) and return the bottle to the laboratory within 30 minutes to 8 hours after the last collection

How to store the bottle during filling?

Place the bottle in the refrigerator between +4°C and +8°C. Its opaque design allows you to place it discreetly.

Should I drink more than usual?

Do not drink more or less than usual. Do not change your habits in terms of types of drinks. Do not stop any of your treatments without medical advice.

I can’t urinate on command, what should I do?

It is certain that you will be able to urinate during the 24 hours that the collection lasts. However, you should know that you can trigger a urination reflex by placing a very cool wet compress on your lower abdomen.

If that tip doesn’t work for you, here is a  playlist on deezer that may be from some help !

Have you thought about your patients who have difficulty with reading, or who need to adapt the instructions?

Not everyone is comfortable with sequenced instructions that mix modus operandi, time monitoring, writing, and privacy.

You certainly count among your patients some with visual, hearing or intellectual disabilities. Some of them may be autistic. Others may be a bit elderly.

Therefore, be sure to provide appropriate communication materials, which will allow their caregivers to better inform them, and to preserve their dignity in the care.

If you are a medical analysis laboratory, be demanding with your 24-hour urine bottle supplier

Providing a 24-hour urine bottle is not just about selling a graduated brown plastic canister, with or without a viewing window, and with a tight cap.

Providing a collection bottle means providing a complete pre-analytical solution that reassures the patient, supervises the quality of the sample, and thus puts the laboratory in the best conditions to technically process the samples and obtain a reliable, rapid, repeatable result for an accurate diagnosis and the proper therapeutic management of the patient.

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