has been issued for all lab life stakeholders. It has been thought to be a unique community.

We work together for 50 years, and you certainly forged your own opinion about LABELIANS: The one of a designer, manufacturer of supplies, equipment and services for the laboratories.

You certainly thin that LABELIANS is a first in class actor in the French biology arena of business with a high quality, regulations compliant, comprehensive offer.

With this blog, that you are indeed reading at the moment, we would like to bring forward something new, a passionnate communiy, a ressource, that supports you in your activities at the bench or in the lab.

You will find different sections on this platform which is entirely dedicated to you:

  • We will discuss the innovations and changes in the regulatory framework that are driving our sector
  • You will find the stories that have shaped biology and life science
  • We’ll look at how you can keep your safety and ergonomics in the lab
  • You will be able to download materials that will make it easier for you to perform your tasks
  • We will share moments of humour
  • And then we will hopefully contribute to your entertainment

We will therefore share with you the best of the laboratory’s life. Then we will take you behind the scenes of LABELIANS and the people who make it up. Finally, we will take you to meet the people who work here.

We wish you as much fun discovering this platform as we had building it. And, we hope that we add a little fun to your daily life !