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Augmented reality is coming to your laboratory: stay tuned!

Augmented reality is no longer a tech geek stuff. Indeed, smartphones are in every single hand and AR apps and technology is at one arm’s length now. Stay tuned: this becomes the new lab asset you will fancy experiencing !

3 reasons to add virtual reality into your laboratory design project

For several years now, virtual reality headsets are part of our daily lives and they are gradually starting to pop up in the labs.  This technology is no longer a simple entertainment stuff, it has become a true work tool to grow performance. Virtual reality offers a 360° experience, using assets that simulate an IRL environment in the virtual world. For example, the most well-known […]

4 Tips to pick the right technical seat or stool for a laboratory technician

In 2015, Withings Corporate Wellness institute issued  a report  that ranked health related professions as the top sedentary ones. . That may sounds weird, but it’s actually true that lab mates can stay seated most of the working day and may not have a chance to move away from their chairs during 5 hours in a row each day ! Everywhere (research, education, medical biology, […]

Christophe Balichard to speak at the Collège Français de Métrologie (CFM) Technical Day on April 5, 2022

The next Technical Day of the French College of Metrology (CFM) will take place on April 5 and will be accessible via webconference. This year, they will focus on medical biology and analysis laboratory instruments. Indeed, measuring instruments are widely used in the laboratory, such as balances, ph-meters, spectrometers, and the processes of the peri-analytical phase also require the use of instruments – centrifuges, thermo-static […]

Laboratory Balance : Stay Compliant !

The universe of the laboratory balance is distributed into 3 types : The precision balances for common use. Present in many laboratories, they are also used in the teaching area. The analytical balances renowned for their high precision. They allow to reduced the error margins by presenting results at several decimal places. The micro and semi-microbalances which are the very excellence of the weighing, going […]

How to be supported in the accreditation of your laboratory ?

The medical biology laboratory (MBL) or medical analyzes (MAL) is accredited according to the Article 23 of the law of June 17th 2020 and its application texts, when it is accredited for all the staff lines in which the analyzes he performs are linked under conditions defined by the decree of July 16th 2020 defining the framework of accreditation mentioned in Article L. 6221-1 of […]

How can you ensure that your laboratory’s calibration certificates are perfectly read ?

Many laboratories outsource the metrology of their equipment because they do not have the skills associated with these processes and in particular those associated with the correct reading of calibration certificates. However, even when outsourced, the metrology process is not simply a matter of receiving a calibration or verification certificate and signing off. Each stakeholder in the laboratory must be able to take ownership of […]

Method for dynamic temperature characterisation of a crown : technical elements

This blog entry is aimed at providing technical information on the measurement strategy, installation, performance, operation and general framework of the new dynamic temperature characterisation method of a crown developed by LABELIANS smart service metrology laboratory.

Everything you want to know about the COFRAC-certified method for characterising the temperature measurement of centrifuges in the dynamic phase

We have tried to answer most of the questions that arise when we present this method of characterising the temperature measurement of laboratory centrifuges in dynamic phase. Of course, we may not have answered yours. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us.