Dry ice is in short supply ! For a few days, messages from laboratory technicians have been flourishing on the networks. Dry ice is becoming very difficult to supply. Indeed, the shortage of CO2 in Europe and the closure of raw gas factories make its manufacture impossible.

It is therefore urgent to set up alternatives in order to ensure continuous activity without jeopardizing the diagnostic chain.

Solutions for short term transportation when dry ice is in short supply

Dry ice allows to reach very low temperatures during a relatively long time but with constraints at the level of its destruction as we had already discussed in this article.

Therefore, for short term transport of samples, this shortage can be an opportunity to review the sample transport process, while guaranteeing the conformity of the samples upon reception on the technical platform.

For short term transport at low temperature, it is possible to combine external packaging with good thermal performance with qualitative cold sources

We recommend using a passive transport solution such as a transport bag associated with eutectic plates that can release a temperature of -18°C

The volume of eutectic should be sized according to the capacity of the bag and the duration of the transport, the number of times the bag is opened, the outside temperature, etc.

Finally, for a perfect temperature control, do not forget to include a conditioning phase of the bag at the right temperature before its use in order to obtain the desired temperature immediately, as soon as the sample is taken in charge.

Which solution for long term transport?

To overcome the shortage of dry ice, it is also possible to opt for a perfectly stable and reusable solution that is also in line with your environmental commitments.

Temperature-controlled transport boxes can be a good option. They can be used at very low temperatures such as -40°C with a perfect stability of the set temperature.

These boxes are generally connected to the vehicles (by a cigarette lighter plug or directly on the battery) but they are now available in a nomadic version thanks to a rechargeable battery directly integrated into the box.


We know those who can help you in this change – Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your current process with us in order to define the solution adapted to your configuration.