A hair cap may not be the first thing we think of, but it is essential for good hygiene. Do we really know why we should use a cap? Are there any standards that apply to hair covers? We often hear about two types of caps: clip-on and round, but what is the difference between these two caps ?

Why use a disposable cap?

The cap is a single-use protection essential to maintain an optimal hygiene. Indeed, some fields such as medical, industrial or food, require an irreproachable cleanliness to avoid any contamination. In these cases, the use of a hair cap is mandatory because it will prevent hair loss or any other particle, germ, bacteria or microbe contained in the hair.

In order to ensure impeccable hygiene, the cap must be well fitted and must not allow any hair strands to pass through. As previously mentioned, the cap is a single-use cap, so it must be used only once and discarded at the end of each use to avoid cross-contamination if it is reused. The cap should therefore be changed as often as necessary.

The cap is often made of polypropylene for a better breathability and a good resistance. It is also light so as not to hinder the wearer in his work.

Is the charlotte subject to any standards or regulations?

The cap, like the overshoes, is not subject to mandatory regulations, however some standards apply.

You can find for example the following standards or markings :

  • CE marking for compliance with EU requirements
  • The latex-free cycle, for the hypoallergenic side and thus avoid the risks of allergy.
  • Regulations related to medical devices
  • NE EN ISO 9073-3 standard for tensile strength and elongation

If the charlottes are not subject to mandatory standards, they must still respect some technical elements :

  • The hair must be held in the cap regardless of the hair type.
  • The cap must have an elastic band to fit all head sizes. They are unisex and should fit both men and women.

Round Charlotte and clip-on Charlotte: what are the differences?

Two types of charlottes are often used : clip-on charlottes and round charlottes. A few points help to differentiate them.

The main difference is the opening. The clip-on cap has to be stretched, like a “fan” to put it on, while the round cap already has a rounded opening that gives it a puffier look.

With its folding, the clip-on cap takes up little space and therefore saves space during packaging and is more convenient to remove from its packaging.

The clip-on cap is a protective device that fits perfectly on the head thanks to its elastic band. It is particularly recommended for medical, surgical, laboratories and industry.

The round cap also has an elastic band to cover the hair in a work situation. It is ideal to comply with hygiene standards in industry, catering, food processing or in hospitals.

The cap is therefore an essential protective element that complements other PPE to avoid the risk of contamination. For an optimal hygiene, you should not forget to complete your work clothes with gloves, disposable gowns, protective masks or overshoes.