The Elfe and Epipage 2 research projects have been working together since July 2021 to organize the first longitudinal study of children from early gestational age to adulthood. They therefore invite medical biology laboratories to collect samples taken by volunteer families.

The analyses started in February 2022 and will take place until December 2022. supports the research on childhood and informs you of the steps to follow so that your medical laboratory can also participate in these studies.

How to collect samples for Elfe and Epipage 2?

Elfe and Epipage 2 have set up a precise procedure so that the laboratories can collect the samples in the best possible conditions:

Before the family arrives at the laboratory, it’s called or emailed by the Elfe and/or Epipage 2 teams.
Family come to the laboratory with the necessary material and information about the procedure to follow to take the samples.
The laboratory collects the saliva and urine samples as well as the hair sample. Then, it takes the necessary blood samples. Finally, the samples are processed or frozen.

To complete the reception of the volunteer families, it will be necessary to enter their data on a dedicated platform. This step allows the families to benefit from a compensation of 70€ to thank them for their involvement.
You can get more information by contacting them on the following email address: or on 09 75 12 09 90.


About the Elfe and Epipage 2 surveys

The Elfe research program

This study has been in place for about ten years in order to study children on all the dimensions of their development.

The research begun with the social aspect and continued with the physical, intellectual and family dimensions.

According to Henri Leridon, a researcher at the Institut National des Etudes Démographiques (INED), this study allows us to “answer questions that we don’t ask ourselves”.

To acquire a maximum of data on this subject, Elfe has joined forces with renowned partners such as Inserm, INED, INSEE and many others.

The Epipage 2 study

The research on childhood carried out by Epipage 2 is above all focused on very premature babies, very premature babies and premature babies.

Its main objective is to be able to provide in the future a certain expertise for the care of children and the information transmitted to families. It also aims to evaluate the medical needs and the development in society of these children in the medium and long term.

For the implementation of the Epipage 2 study, several partners are supporting this project, including the Institut de Recherche en Santé Publique and the Ministry of Health and Sports.


Our reason to be at LABELIANS is to be a link in the human health chain that unites people and their environment.

Contributing to the success of this research, by playing our role between laboratories, patients, industrial manufacturers and research, in this chain, is therefore fundamental for us.