As Thomas Pesquet has been sent to space, a dramatically vision of science has emerged among media. 

We, earth habitants  have opened up our minds on universe and new scientific topics.

Surfing through the web, has made big discoveries, that may allow lab techs to sound really amazing during familiy diners.

Astronauts blood to build up houses on Mars ?

Some may have dreamt about it, others may have already digged into potential solutions: how to build shelters on Mars ?

After having made some calculations, researchers have assessed the cost to import a mortar brick from Earth to Mars i.e. approximatively 2 millions dollars. Research has therefroe been run to manufacture building materials directly on site instead of import them from our belated planet.

A middle aged building method – essentially consisting in mixing animals blood to mortar – has inspired specialists to develop a a material that would be specific to the red planet.

This is how AstroCrete spinned off. Namely it’s a combination of March soil dust, with human serum albumin to which urea is added.

This mix allows to get an extremelly resistant material which robustiveness is twice higher than earth mortar.

With AstroCrete allows one to see further and bigger: can that actually be THE solution to make human beings able to live on Mars ?

Mining metal from Mars ?

BIOROCK project from ESA could also an an answer to meet crucial must have process to be able to conqueer Mars at reasonnable cost .

To roll this project out, researchers have based their assumptions on bio mining method. This consists in producing metal from bacteries. With microbes, it’s now possible to extract rare material from basalt, an endemic rock type on the moon and Mars.

Did you know ? Mining is 4 times faster without gravity! Workouts run in space open therefore new research opportunities to reduce earth mining impact. BIOROC mission is the strating point for research projects that will also lead to industriel projects.


Thanks to space conquest, science evolves at very high speed. it opens new opportunities beyond earth planet…