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Learn about water sampling and analysis

Wednesday 22 March 2023 is World Water Day. Water sampling and analysis guarantee the quality of water. Your distributor and manufacturer LABELIANS will help you define your water sampling and analysis needs.   Water, the importance of water World Water Day A day is dedicated to water every year on 22 March and has been since 1993. It is a United Nations international day that […]

We need to change the management of Hazardeous Waste with Infectious Risks

The pandemic generated huge amounts of additional infectious waste. PPE, collection devices, reagents, have had to be absorbed into waste management systems around the world, generating additional production and destruction of plastic containers. Global Analysis of Health Care Waste in the Context of WHO COVID-19: the tipping point for the RHIW stream The World Health Organization published a report in February 2022 – Global Analysis […]

The disposable cap: clip-on or round?

A hair cap may not be the first thing we think of, but it is essential for good hygiene. Do we really know why we should use a cap? Are there any standards that apply to hair covers? We often hear about two types of caps: clip-on and round, but what is the difference between these two caps ? Why use a disposable cap? The […]

What regulations should I follow for my single-use gloves?

Single-use gloves are the most widely used personal protective equipment in the medical, laboratory, research and industrial sectors. Many brands and designs are available on the market, but what about the regulations and standards to be respected for the best use of single-use gloves? Two regulations are applicable for protective gloves: the Medical Devices (MD) Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation […]

FFP masks : Choose efficiency !

FFP masks protect your environment in te laboratory by blocking droplets emitted by the wearer’s mouth and nose; they will also protect you or your employees – even by filtering the air you breathe. Today, many models of FPP masks are available on the market but not all are equal. It may  be difficult to find your way around, we help you in your choice […]

4 things you must know to improve bathing water quality

Summer is right at the corner, and it’s indeed time for considering bathing water analysis as a critical issue. Drought is affecting many areas and heat can be the pollution source that requires highest attention. Each year in France for instance, more than 30,000 bathing water samples are analyzed from more than 3,000 sites upon Regional Health Agencies (ARS) request. Which risks for the bather […]

Nomad : A complete microbial cleanliness solution !

What is the microbial cleanliness solution Nomad? The Nomad is a microbial cleanliness testers (less than 60 seconds) without additional equipment and easy to store. The Rapid Diagnostic Orientation Test (RDOT )Nomad is a real revolution in the bacterial contamination monitoring; testing the products has never been easier. We explain how it works !   3 microbial cleanliness testers for 3 different purposes :   […]

IHW regulations: which container for which waste?

The DASRI regulations are complex. To comply with them without forgetting anything, we suggest that you review together which containers are suitable for each DASRI waste produced by your laboratory. May you still have questions once you have read this blogpost, please share them in the “comments” section below.

Machine treatment : How to wash laboratory glassware ?

You now know how to prepare your laboratory glassware before performing the machine treatment in order to avoid all risks related to possible residues. The automaton programs are not sufficient enough to properly process laboratory glassware. This is why it is necessary to follow some recommendations such as the equipment positioning in the machine or the different treatment processes.

Control and storage : How to wash laboratory glassware ?

Why must you absolutely respect the control and storage rules ? Laboratory glassware is considered fully ready for re-use after it has been visually inspected and stored in accordance with procedures. Indeed, machine processing is not the final step and is not sufficient to consider glassware as clean.

Before machine treatment : How to wash laboratory glassware ?

Washing laboratory glassware is an art! Indeed, it is necessary to juggle between cross-contamination, the lab technicians’ safety and the hygiene rules imposed. This is why LABELIANS is here to help you, so that you no longer have to ask yourself any questions on this subject. We have tried to make this blogpost as simple as possible so that even novices can find their way […]

Laboratory layout : a crucial element of lab hygiene

Laboratory layout and hygiene are closely linked. In addition to the unavoidable subject of ventilation and air circulation, electrical energy management and personal protective equipment, you will have to reconcile numerous constraints to ensure the perfect safety of your technicians on their benches. Laboratory layout: go with the flow ! The design of the layout & positioning of each item has a significant impact on […]