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The challenge is to control the risks of DNA or RNA contamination during the PCR process!

All technicians working in molecular biology laboratories, whether in medical biology, veterinary, industrial or research laboratories, are perfectly aware of the crucial importance of maintaining a contamination-free environment. And molecular biology analysis techniques such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) require highly appropriate equipment, and an environment totally free of DNA or RNA. Any unwanted nucleic acids can have a significant impact on the reliability of […]

Serological pipettes for all your applications!

Serological pipettes and laboratory … Every laboratory Technician has handled or needs to handle liquid products with a serological pipette! But all serological pipettes are not equivalent: format variety and specifications can make all the difference.   A short history … Serological pipettes are graduated plastic pipettes and yet we call them serological pipettes: do you know why? Because of their historical use in serology. […]

Why do we need Low Retention micropipette tips?

Low Retention micropipette tips are high innotive technology for liquid hangling. LABELIANS is a key partner of AHN Biotechnologies, a German manufacturer specialising in a wide range of consumables and tools for handling liquids. Among the many references on offer, one range is particularly strategic for laboratories: tips! These are consumables used in large quantities, and their quality has a direct impact on analytical results. […]

Looking for cost-effective solutions for the laboratory!

Cost-effective solutions for laboratories – everyone is looking for them, but what are the possible levers? Laboratories are affected by revisions to the reimbursement of medical biology procedures and the consequences of inflation. Added to this are the costs inherent in the analytical chain, which are becoming increasingly significant due to the development of techniques that make it possible to produce more reliable results in […]

The guide to regulation and sterility

The choice of the container for sample collection requires consideration of the regulations, the technique and the level of sterility. Each of these elements must be respected for a safe and efficient use in accordance with the regulatory references. LABELIANS guides you in choosing the right container. The guide on sterilization techniques We can find 4 existing techniques: By Ionization (=irradiation) Sterilization technique using radiation […]

Choosing a micropipette: what criteria?

Choosing a micropipette requires evaluating normative and technical characteristics but also criteria that are much more subjective.   Normative requirements for micropipettes? The micropipettes shall meet the requirements of ISO 8655-2: 2022 for volumetric piston devices – Part 2: Pipettes. This standard describes the requirements from a metrological point of view, the maximum permissible errors (MPE), the requirements for marking and the information to be […]

Secondary packaging resistant to a differential pressure of 95kPa: we tell you all about it!

Secondary packaging and ADR…the biological samples transport is regulated by the ADR – Accord for Dangerous goods by Road. ADR requires that a biological sample be packaged in 3 levels of packaging with specific characteristics for each of them. Primary packaging Secondary packaging Outer packaging Which features do secondary packaging have? ADR requires the secondary packaging to be leakproof. If the primary packaging (collection of […]

Swabs for DNA research

DNA swabs are increasingly used for many applications. According to studies*, in 2019, more than 26 million people have already taken a DNA test as part of over-the-counter tests for origin searches, for example. But this is not the only application of DNA swabbing. These swabs are also used for: Criminal cases (Sexual assault, forensic genetics, evidence collection …) Paternity tests Genotypic research *Source : […]

Diagnosis of osteoarticular infections

The diagnosis of osteoarticular infections requires specific and efficient management throughout the care chain. Osteoarticular infections affect approximately 30,000 patients each year in France. It is known that 5,000 have an infection on the material, including 3,000 on prostheses, i.e. approximately 1.5% of implanted hip or knee prostheses.   Care adapted to each situation Each case requires a specific and adapted management which may require […]

Safety rules in the laboratory

Following laboratory safety rules is a must in any laboratory, no matter where it is located. Human error, improper technique or misuse of equipment and apparatus are the cause of most injuries and infections attributable to activities performed in a laboratory. If specimens are not collected, transported and received in the laboratory properly, there is a risk of infection to personnel. What are the safety […]

Biomedical laboratories: You are an essential link in the health care chain

The world of French biomedical laboratories has been in turmoil for the last few days. Their activity is often unknown to the general public, even if their use has exploded over the last 24 months. It is therefore appropriate to give a brief reminder of what medical biology represents in the French healthcare system. Biomedical laboratories are specialized institutions that work on diseases and problems […]

Everything you always wanted to know about the pathology cassette, but were afraid to ask

You use them every day in your anatomopathology processes, you know their smallest characteristics, their use has no secret for you: cassettes may still have some mysteries that we are delighted to unveil to you! Everything you need to know about the industrial development of an anapath cassette It is the research and development department of the manufacturer that designs the cassette, making sure that […]

Cell cultures: how to avoid contamination?

Cell culture contamination is a major issue for all laboratories as it leads to culture loss. This concern is particularly acute in medical laboratories analyzing very delicate stem cells without antibiotics,   Contamination’s origins? Contamination is usually due to the presence of microorganism or mycoplasmas. As for bacteria, literature studies report that the contamination level can reach 5%.  This contamination is very difficult to detect: […]

Do you know everything about CBEU ?

The CBEU (Cyto-Bacteriological Examination of Urine) is the most prescribed examination in community (city laboratory). Nearly nine million CBEUs are carried out per year in France (Source DCIR 2015). This examination makes it possible to diagnose the lower urinary tract infection (cystitis: the infection is localized in the bladder), or upper infection prognosis (pyelonephritis: the infection has spread to the kidneys). Urinary tract infection is […]

What are the 2 main urinary chemistry dosing principles ?

Urine chemistry tests can establish or rule out the diagnosis of many diseases related to carbohydrate metabolism, urinary tract, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and many other medical conditions.  There are mainly two main urine sampling families for chemistry:  The collection on sample of the first morning urine or the urination collected during the day, or on collection of 24 hours.  Urinary chemistry allows […]

Augmented reality is coming to your laboratory: stay tuned!

Augmented reality is no longer a tech geek stuff. Indeed, smartphones are in every single hand and AR apps and technology is at one arm’s length now. Stay tuned: this becomes the new lab asset you will fancy experiencing !

3 reasons to add virtual reality into your laboratory design project

For several years now, virtual reality headsets are part of our daily lives and they are gradually starting to pop up in the labs.  This technology is no longer a simple entertainment stuff, it has become a true work tool to grow performance. Virtual reality offers a 360° experience, using assets that simulate an IRL environment in the virtual world. For example, the most well-known […]

Good pipetting practices

Good pipetting pratices are essential as pipetting is one of the most common handling processes for laboratory technicians. Even with a seasonned experience, repetitive actions can make the task boring. If the workbench is disorganized, mistakes can quickly occur, and then MSPs arrise if the lab technician does not adopt the proper position. Thanks to the expertise of a former laboratory technician, we provide you […]

Dry ice : how to eliminate it ?

How to handle dry ice provided with the biological samples?  

How to avoid diagnostic non conformities in laboratory by understanding pre-analytical phase ? The patient, his comfort and welcome

The pre-analytical is a mandatory for the analytical process sucess. the well-being of the patient is the key during the sampling collection to a succesful pre-analytical process. Patient reception : every details counts The patient gives at the laboratory medical staff his prescription, it will be attached to the collection sheet. The prescription must be less than 6 months and must include the following information: […]

How to avoid diagnostic non conformities in laboratory by understanding pre-analytical phase ? Definitions, process, operating procedure.

The pre-analytical phase is essential for the analysis result quality. This phase take place between medical prescription and analysis, and involves the sampler and his patient. Pre-analytical phase comprises all the factors that can influence sample results before its analysis. This is a major step for measuring the quantities of the consituents of biological fluids, as well as for the diagnostic and the monitoring of […]

How to reduce plastic waste in everyday lablife ?

Every day, our laboratory garbage cans are filled with plastic… And a large part of it is packaged as IHAW and destigoes to incineration. Although difficult, environmental concern becomes key in lab’s purchasing process : they get obviously eager to reduce their impact on the processing and waste disposal of plastics.

Tanguy Leroux, THE French labs youtuber answers laviedulabo questions !

Tanguy LEROUX, the youtuber from the lab and the hospital, answered questions from . You may already follow him on linkedin or on youtube. If you don’t yet, you’ll surely want to do so after reading this interview.

Handling hazardous waste: 7 mistakes to avoid

The handling of HIW must be done with care and rigour. Indeed, yellow boxes of all sizes are scattered throughout our laboratories and medical establishments. These are the DASRI collectors. They protect patients and staff from all infectious, chemical, toxic or radioactive risks. It is therefore essential to know how to handle them with care. You certainly use them every day, but are you sure […]

How to extend lithium batteries life in the laboratory

Extending the life of lithium batteries for laboratory instrumentation is crucial. Indeed, many laboratory instruments are equipped with a lithium-based battery. Electronic pipettors, for example, are equipped with them. These batteries are part of your daily life and have many advantages, but they also require a number of precautions to be taken in use, storage and charging. Recharge the lithium battery of your instrument on […]

How to be supported in the accreditation of your laboratory ?

The medical biology laboratory (MBL) or medical analyzes (MAL) is accredited according to the Article 23 of the law of June 17th 2020 and its application texts, when it is accredited for all the staff lines in which the analyzes he performs are linked under conditions defined by the decree of July 16th 2020 defining the framework of accreditation mentioned in Article L. 6221-1 of […]

How to become a laboratory technician ?

If you want to become a laboratory technician, you should know that is a vocation. Would you like to test, analyse and control? Then this is the job for you!

Welcome home ! has been issued for all lab life stakeholders. It has been thought to be a unique community.

Musculoskeletal’ Problems, a public health issue

Unfortunately, every technicians know what this is about MSP. These famous musculoskeletal’ problems which are disturbing you on a daily basis and which can lead to severe consequences for the technician, but also for the laboratories.

Staying fit on the bench with LABELIANS coach

Being healthy and staying fit also depends on the little routines you maintain at work. LABELIANS is now transformed into a sports coach to keep you in top shape in front of your workbenches !