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The challenge is to control the risks of DNA or RNA contamination during the PCR process!

All technicians working in molecular biology laboratories, whether in medical biology, veterinary, industrial or research laboratories, are perfectly aware of the crucial importance of maintaining a contamination-free environment. And molecular biology analysis techniques such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) require highly appropriate equipment, and an environment totally free of DNA or RNA. Any unwanted nucleic acids can have a significant impact on the reliability of […]

Serological pipettes for all your applications!

Serological pipettes and laboratory … Every laboratory Technician has handled or needs to handle liquid products with a serological pipette! But all serological pipettes are not equivalent: format variety and specifications can make all the difference.   A short history … Serological pipettes are graduated plastic pipettes and yet we call them serological pipettes: do you know why? Because of their historical use in serology. […]

Why do we need Low Retention micropipette tips?

Low Retention micropipette tips are high innotive technology for liquid hangling. LABELIANS is a key partner of AHN Biotechnologies, a German manufacturer specialising in a wide range of consumables and tools for handling liquids. Among the many references on offer, one range is particularly strategic for laboratories: tips! These are consumables used in large quantities, and their quality has a direct impact on analytical results. […]

New organization for cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer screening is a crucial issue for women’s health. Since January 2024, cervical cancer screening in France has undergone major changes, aimed at improving the accessibility and effectiveness of the process. Let’s find out about the new measures put in place, a nationally organized program for this screening. Here’s the new organization of cervical cancer screening.   New organization since January 2024 The French […]

Looking for cost-effective solutions for the laboratory!

Cost-effective solutions for laboratories – everyone is looking for them, but what are the possible levers? Laboratories are affected by revisions to the reimbursement of medical biology procedures and the consequences of inflation. Added to this are the costs inherent in the analytical chain, which are becoming increasingly significant due to the development of techniques that make it possible to produce more reliable results in […]

Practical tips for proper maintenance and metrology of micropipettes

Maintenance and metrology of micropipettes: keys to precision in the laboratory In scientific research, precision and reliability are crucial. The slightest variation in experimental results can have a significant impact. That’s why the maintenance and metrology of micropipettes, those precious laboratory tools, are essential elements in guaranteeing data quality. In this article, we delve into the heart of these vital practices, outlining practical tips and […]

Metrological non-conformity: Innovative solutions by LABELIANS

Metrological non-conformity: a critical challenge in the industry Metrological non-conformity is a hot topic in the industrial sector, having a significant impact on the quality of products and industrial processes. In this article, we explore the potential consequences of metrological non-conformity and the innovative solutions LABELIANS proposes to deal with them.   Understanding Metrological Non-Conformity Metrological non-conformity is declared when measurement results do not match […]

Maximize the performance of your PCR analyses with AHN Biotechnologie – top-quality consumables and an exceptional offer!

Reliability and performance at the heart of PCR consumables from AHN Biotechnologie GmbH Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is an essential method in molecular biology. For this technique to deliver impeccable results, you need PCR consumables that live up to your expectations. AHN Biotechnologie GmbH, a leading company in this field, offers solutions of exceptional quality, designed to optimize your PCR experiments. AHN Biotechnologie GmbH is […]

Micropipette tips manufacturing: a matter for specialist!

The micropipette tips manufacturing is a specialist field! Millions of small conical plastic consumables are manufactured every year and even more in the last 3 years. Behind this consumable commonly used in all laboratories are manufacturers who have had to adapt to the growth of the market in record time. Do you know how this tip is made, essential to the micropipette, which allows you […]

Select the ideal test tube in 5 criteria

In the laboratory, many analyses require the use of test tubes. There are as many applications as there are fields of application, be it in biology, clinical, chemistry, centrifugation, storage or general laboratory use. How to select your ideal test tube? Here are 5 selection criteria to guide you. 5 main materials for the test tube body To begin with, we can distinguish two families […]

The guide to regulation and sterility

The choice of the container for sample collection requires consideration of the regulations, the technique and the level of sterility. Each of these elements must be respected for a safe and efficient use in accordance with the regulatory references. LABELIANS guides you in choosing the right container. The guide on sterilization techniques We can find 4 existing techniques: By Ionization (=irradiation) Sterilization technique using radiation […]

Choosing a micropipette: what criteria?

Choosing a micropipette requires evaluating normative and technical characteristics but also criteria that are much more subjective.   Normative requirements for micropipettes? The micropipettes shall meet the requirements of ISO 8655-2: 2022 for volumetric piston devices – Part 2: Pipettes. This standard describes the requirements from a metrological point of view, the maximum permissible errors (MPE), the requirements for marking and the information to be […]

Secondary packaging resistant to a differential pressure of 95kPa: we tell you all about it!

Secondary packaging and ADR…the biological samples transport is regulated by the ADR – Accord for Dangerous goods by Road. ADR requires that a biological sample be packaged in 3 levels of packaging with specific characteristics for each of them. Primary packaging Secondary packaging Outer packaging Which features do secondary packaging have? ADR requires the secondary packaging to be leakproof. If the primary packaging (collection of […]

Learn about water sampling and analysis

Wednesday 22 March 2023 is World Water Day. Water sampling and analysis guarantee the quality of water. Your distributor and manufacturer LABELIANS will help you define your water sampling and analysis needs.   Water, the importance of water World Water Day A day is dedicated to water every year on 22 March and has been since 1993. It is a United Nations international day that […]

Swabs for DNA research

DNA swabs are increasingly used for many applications. According to studies*, in 2019, more than 26 million people have already taken a DNA test as part of over-the-counter tests for origin searches, for example. But this is not the only application of DNA swabbing. These swabs are also used for: Criminal cases (Sexual assault, forensic genetics, evidence collection …) Paternity tests Genotypic research *Source : […]

Diagnosis of osteoarticular infections

The diagnosis of osteoarticular infections requires specific and efficient management throughout the care chain. Osteoarticular infections affect approximately 30,000 patients each year in France. It is known that 5,000 have an infection on the material, including 3,000 on prostheses, i.e. approximately 1.5% of implanted hip or knee prostheses.   Care adapted to each situation Each case requires a specific and adapted management which may require […]

Microbiota analysis: new solutions for microbiological preparation

How to do a microbiota analysis? And how to facilitate its analysis? What is the microbiota? The word microbiota is made up of two words: micro which refers to the measurement scale of the micrometer (1 m = 10-6 m) and therefore to a microscopic element, and biota which means a set of organisms. We can therefore define the microbiota as a set of microorganisms […]

Safety rules in the laboratory

Following laboratory safety rules is a must in any laboratory, no matter where it is located. Human error, improper technique or misuse of equipment and apparatus are the cause of most injuries and infections attributable to activities performed in a laboratory. If specimens are not collected, transported and received in the laboratory properly, there is a risk of infection to personnel. What are the safety […]

Environmental label in the laboratory: follow the guide !

We hear more and more about environmental or ecological labels to differentiate laboratory consumables or instrument or equipment performance, but how can we find our way through this label jungle ? We will explain what an environmental label is and review the main labels that can be found in a laboratory. What is an environmental label ? An environmental label is a guarantee that a […]

How to store microscopy slides?

Microscope slides are in-vitro diagnostic medical devices and therefore comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/746 of the European Parliament and Council of 5 April 2017. The slides are made of soda-lime glass for optimal transparency that will facilitate microscopic observation. Elles subissent un lavage et sont dégraissées et prêtes à l’emploi lorsque vous les recevez au laboratoire. Storing them well and controlling the rotation of this […]

We need to change the management of Hazardeous Waste with Infectious Risks

The pandemic generated huge amounts of additional infectious waste. PPE, collection devices, reagents, have had to be absorbed into waste management systems around the world, generating additional production and destruction of plastic containers. Global Analysis of Health Care Waste in the Context of WHO COVID-19: the tipping point for the RHIW stream The World Health Organization published a report in February 2022 – Global Analysis […]

The disposable cap: clip-on or round?

A hair cap may not be the first thing we think of, but it is essential for good hygiene. Do we really know why we should use a cap? Are there any standards that apply to hair covers? We often hear about two types of caps: clip-on and round, but what is the difference between these two caps ? Why use a disposable cap? The […]

What regulations should I follow for my single-use gloves?

Single-use gloves are the most widely used personal protective equipment in the medical, laboratory, research and industrial sectors. Many brands and designs are available on the market, but what about the regulations and standards to be respected for the best use of single-use gloves? Two regulations are applicable for protective gloves: the Medical Devices (MD) Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation […]

LABELIANS and are committed !

At the end of September, during the Sustainable Development Week, LABELIANS presented its CSR policy to its teams: a whole program of social, societal and environmental commitment, responding to four main issues! LABELIANS is committed to diversity During this week, the employees received our commitments to diversity – essential to our sustainable approach – and were able to discover its definition. For us, diversity is […]

5 arguments to convince your lab manager to replace your laboratory equipment

You want to replace your laboratory equipment and your boss wonders if the time is right… Your centrifuge is not working properly, the sampling chair is very tired, you are looking for arguments to convince your laboratory boss to replace your equipment. However, lack of availability from the manufacturer, prices that have been skyrocketing in recent months, exploding energy bills, the desire to make your […]

Biomedical laboratories: You are an essential link in the health care chain

The world of French biomedical laboratories has been in turmoil for the last few days. Their activity is often unknown to the general public, even if their use has exploded over the last 24 months. It is therefore appropriate to give a brief reminder of what medical biology represents in the French healthcare system. Biomedical laboratories are specialized institutions that work on diseases and problems […]

Shortage: What alternative to dry ice?

Dry ice is in short supply ! For a few days, messages from laboratory technicians have been flourishing on the networks. Dry ice is becoming very difficult to supply. Indeed, the shortage of CO2 in Europe and the closure of raw gas factories make its manufacture impossible. It is therefore urgent to set up alternatives in order to ensure continuous activity without jeopardizing the diagnostic […]

Cryoglobulin analysis and centrifugation temperature control: the APHP experience

The quality of cryoglobulin analysis is dependent on the control of the sample centrifugation process. Until 2021, there was no reliable control of the different parameters affecting centrifugation and the only guarantee depended on good technical control by the laboratory. The clinical interest associated with the result of the search for a cryoglobulin, its determination and its characterization are no longer to be demonstrated. Therefore, […]

Good weighing practices in the lab: follow the guide !

You have at least one imperative objective in your weighing process: to obtain a fair, reliable and repeatable result from the first weighing. Indeed, successive weighings and errors have a direct impact on the result. To improve the efficiency of weighing processes, it is therefore essential to use the right scale in terms of performance and application. In addition, adherence to good weighing practices reduces […]

Everything you always wanted to know about the pathology cassette, but were afraid to ask

You use them every day in your anatomopathology processes, you know their smallest characteristics, their use has no secret for you: cassettes may still have some mysteries that we are delighted to unveil to you! Everything you need to know about the industrial development of an anapath cassette It is the research and development department of the manufacturer that designs the cassette, making sure that […]

Cell cultures: how to avoid contamination?

Cell culture contamination is a major issue for all laboratories as it leads to culture loss. This concern is particularly acute in medical laboratories analyzing very delicate stem cells without antibiotics,   Contamination’s origins? Contamination is usually due to the presence of microorganism or mycoplasmas. As for bacteria, literature studies report that the contamination level can reach 5%.  This contamination is very difficult to detect: […]

Do you know everything about CBEU ?

The CBEU (Cyto-Bacteriological Examination of Urine) is the most prescribed examination in community (city laboratory). Nearly nine million CBEUs are carried out per year in France (Source DCIR 2015). This examination makes it possible to diagnose the lower urinary tract infection (cystitis: the infection is localized in the bladder), or upper infection prognosis (pyelonephritis: the infection has spread to the kidneys). Urinary tract infection is […]

What are the 2 main urinary chemistry dosing principles ?

Urine chemistry tests can establish or rule out the diagnosis of many diseases related to carbohydrate metabolism, urinary tract, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and many other medical conditions.  There are mainly two main urine sampling families for chemistry:  The collection on sample of the first morning urine or the urination collected during the day, or on collection of 24 hours.  Urinary chemistry allows […]

Augmented reality is coming to your laboratory: stay tuned!

Augmented reality is no longer a tech geek stuff. Indeed, smartphones are in every single hand and AR apps and technology is at one arm’s length now. Stay tuned: this becomes the new lab asset you will fancy experiencing !

The glassware sealing that suits your laboratory usages

For each use of glass bottle in the laboratory, corresponds THE right cap and THE right sealing option. Capsules, cap, capes : you can benefit from different capping techniques, but in any case, it is the technical characteristics of the material used in the design of the plug itself, combined with the design of the joint that will make the difference. Each jar has its […]

Recommendations for homogenization and tubes centrifugation

The blood sample tubes homogenization and centrifugation is the pre-analytical process critical phase. It is indeed a non-conformities source and determines the analysis results reliability. Two “technical” dimensions must be taken into account: compliance with time limits between sampling and centrifugation Centrifugation itself: the inversions number needed and the values to be applied to the three metrological quantities for a successful blood collection tubes centrifugation […]

Temporary shortages for lab supplies, what solutions?

Temporary shortages or disruptions for lab supplies are announced in many sectors. What solutions are available?   The current economic situation affects the everyone’s daily life by creating these shortages on laboratory devices The economic crisis has had many impacts and has disrupted the whole supply chain of raw materials that are essential to many consumables or lab furnitures manufacturing. In this environment, each manufacturer […]

3 reasons to add virtual reality into your laboratory design project

For several years now, virtual reality headsets are part of our daily lives and they are gradually starting to pop up in the labs.  This technology is no longer a simple entertainment stuff, it has become a true work tool to grow performance. Virtual reality offers a 360° experience, using assets that simulate an IRL environment in the virtual world. For example, the most well-known […]

Laboratory plastics: technical resins

Technical resins for the manufacture of laboratory plastics: for demanding applications Laboratory plastics are the generic term for a wide variety of resins. Each one has its own intrinsic technical characteristics which have their own benefits for your uses on the bench. Knowing them will allow you to better choose the consumable that suits your applications. The technical resins are suitable for the most demanding […]

7th wave COVID-19 : Children are the most affected, where to quickly get saliva sampling kits for testing ?

The latest figures from “Santé Publique France” re the 7th COVID-19 wave in France show a huge increase in the incidence rate in all age groups and whole France territory – metropolitan France and overseas territories. However, the 0-9 Yo age group is the most affected with +65% of children infected e.g. 305 per 100,000 inhabitants in week 25 (from 20th to 26th of June […]

FFP masks : Choose efficiency !

FFP masks protect your environment in te laboratory by blocking droplets emitted by the wearer’s mouth and nose; they will also protect you or your employees – even by filtering the air you breathe. Today, many models of FPP masks are available on the market but not all are equal. It may  be difficult to find your way around, we help you in your choice […]

Medical face mask : how to make the right choice ?

Choosing a medical mask means understanding its use The mask is an essential element of personal protection for all personnel in contact with patients, even beyond the particular constraints that we encounter in these times of COVID 19 pandemics. Indeed, the first protective measure against COVID 19 – well before hand washing – is the mask, since it is the best barrier to pathogens transmitted […]

Good pipetting practices

Good pipetting pratices are essential as pipetting is one of the most common handling processes for laboratory technicians. Even with a seasonned experience, repetitive actions can make the task boring. If the workbench is disorganized, mistakes can quickly occur, and then MSPs arrise if the lab technician does not adopt the proper position. Thanks to the expertise of a former laboratory technician, we provide you […]

4 Tips to pick the right technical seat or stool for a laboratory technician

In 2015, Withings Corporate Wellness institute issued  a report  that ranked health related professions as the top sedentary ones. . That may sounds weird, but it’s actually true that lab mates can stay seated most of the working day and may not have a chance to move away from their chairs during 5 hours in a row each day ! Everywhere (research, education, medical biology, […]

4 things you must know to improve bathing water quality

Summer is right at the corner, and it’s indeed time for considering bathing water analysis as a critical issue. Drought is affecting many areas and heat can be the pollution source that requires highest attention. Each year in France for instance, more than 30,000 bathing water samples are analyzed from more than 3,000 sites upon Regional Health Agencies (ARS) request. Which risks for the bather […]

Single-use or reusable stainless steel sampling instrument: how to choose?

Single-use or reusable instrument ? Today, the reusable specification is again defined as strategic for purchasing criteria. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the benefits of reusable and single-use solutions to get the right choice. According to the laboratory consumable types, it is not always possible to have a reusable alternative. Thus, everyone can easily identify the reusable alternative to a single-use plastic container, which […]

CSR, a powerful tool for the laboratory, its environment and collaboration with distributors and suppliers: an interview with Dominique LUNTE, President of LBI

Mrs Dominique LUNTE, Biologist at the MAYMAT Laboratory and President of LBI, made a very remarkable intervention, about CSR, during the Young Biologists Congress of May 19 and 20, 2022. CSR is indeed a subject that affects everyone, and perhaps even more so a young generation that wants to contribute, on a daily basis, and therefore in its working environment, to a more sustainable planet, […]

Biological samples transportation – What is true, what is false ?

Biological samples transportation … The ADR regulations – Accord for Dangerous Goods by Road – manage the biological samples transportation. As soon as the biological samples are on the public domain, the ADR regulation applies SAMPLES All biological samples are covered and must respect the ADR: FALSE!  The specimens concerned by this regulation are all biological products, substances or materials derived from living organisms; that […]

The pre-analytical phase: at the crossroads of all the interfaces, and of all the laboratory stakeholders

From the prescription of the examination to the delivery of a sample to the laboratory, which allows a reliable and repeatable result to be obtained, the pre-analytical phase is probably one of the most central, at the heart of all the interfaces of processes and actors at work inside and outside the laboratory. Let us list them to try to illustrate the stakes and to […]

Nomad : A complete microbial cleanliness solution !

What is the microbial cleanliness solution Nomad? The Nomad is a microbial cleanliness testers (less than 60 seconds) without additional equipment and easy to store. The Rapid Diagnostic Orientation Test (RDOT )Nomad is a real revolution in the bacterial contamination monitoring; testing the products has never been easier. We explain how it works !   3 microbial cleanliness testers for 3 different purposes :   […]

How to ensure an accurate and precise liquid sampling ?

Liquid handling can be both qualitative and quantitative. The right pipetting solution must be selected to meet the precision, accuracy, comfort demands while garanteeing a reliable and reproducible analytical result. How to ensure that your liquid sampling remain accurate and precise ? Precision instrument require metrology! All these instruments: micropipettes, repetitive distributors or dispensers are in accordance with the ISO8655 standard for volumetric piston devices. […]

2017/746 Regulation ( IVDR): which impacts for the medical biology or anatomopathology laboratory?

Many laboratories are wondering about the impacts of regulation 2017/746 ( IVDR) on their processes. brings you some possible answers to these challenges. We suggest that you address these issues by product class. Impact of the IVDR regulation for non-sterile Class A products Impact for labs is quite limited. The laboratory must simply collect, if necessary, the EU declarations of conformity of the consumables […]

What about ‘Ice Saints days”: legend or sciences? Pascal, our gardener, replies to you!

What about “Ice Saints days”?   Many people are gardening experts. Many are on the line , waiting to start planting, seeding, unlashing their creativity and planning for a fantastic garden future . How to explain then the fact that they just wait and do nnot start the job despite the last sunny weeks ? ” Ice Saints days” are around the corner and a […]

How to be well supported in the IVD Regulation change management ?

It is crucial to be well supported towards the new IVD regulation: To fully understand the issues and their impact on daily consumables To be serene in maintaining the COFRAC certification of the laboratory To be able to make better consumables supplier choices, today and tomorrow. Regulation 2017/746 (IVDR) – REGULATION (EU) 2017/746 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 5 April 2017 […]

Dry ice : how to eliminate it ?

How to handle dry ice provided with the biological samples?  

Science to infinite and beyond !

As Thomas Pesquet has been sent to space, a dramatically vision of science has emerged among media.  We, earth habitants  have opened up our minds on universe and new scientific topics. Surfing through the web, has made big discoveries, that may allow lab techs to sound really amazing during familiy diners. Astronauts blood to build up houses on Mars ? Some may have dreamt […]

Childhood research : how to contribute to the Elfe and Epipage 2 studies ?

The Elfe and Epipage 2 research projects have been working together since July 2021 to organize the first longitudinal study of children from early gestational age to adulthood. They therefore invite medical biology laboratories to collect samples taken by volunteer families. The analyses started in February 2022 and will take place until December 2022. supports the research on childhood and informs you of the […]

How to avoid non-conformity in the lab in pre-analytic phase : the various factors impacting results

The pre-analytic phase is a must have to the succes of the analytics process. Various factors can mess with the results. If you know them you can avoid them.  

INTERSCIENCE & LABELIANS : complementary partners

INTERSCIENCE is one of our long-standing partners. At the beginning of this year, LABELIANS welcomed through André Quenot, Lionel Binot, Bruno Artiglieri, Béatrice Bolling, Christophe Balichard, to the LABELIANS smart service laboratory, Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques, Co-CEO, and Nicolas Guillot, INTERSCIENCE’s French Sales Manager. What a way to bring together our two companies, which have a lot in common, but also a lot to learn […]

Dispensing a liquid with precision and safety: dispenser!

Dangerous liquids is a critical issue in the laboratory, especially when it means a potential risk to the technician. Choosing the right technical solution can be difficult.   Dangerous liquid: what about their risks? There are significant risks when handling potentially toxic products. These risks include skin contact, eye contact or inhalation of vapors/aerosols. Risk training helps to reduce these exposures. This means that technicians […]

Erlenmeyer : make the good choice between composition and price !

Why is this Erlenmeyer flask more expensive than others? This question is on the lips of many lab technicians. After some research on the subject, our team was able to break down for you all the elements that make the use value of an Erlenmeyer flask and that should guide your choices beyond price. The Erlenmeyer flask is preferred to a beaker when its use […]

What are the sustainability criteria for public tenders for medical devices ?

The European Directive 2004/18/EC of 2004 March 31st, and the 2004 Public Procurement Code authorizes purchasers to add environmental care criterias to public tenders for medical devices purchase projects. Indeed, the specificities linked to sustainable development must be mentioned in the call for tenders. Thus, they will be an essential part of the contract attribution. The ability to respond appropriately to environmental clauses in public […]

How to prevent diagnostic non conformities for a pre-analytical successfull process : the samples collector his responsabilities and working comfort

The samples collector is the hero of the successful preanalytical phase. The biologist is not part of this process at all. The sampler must therefore be fully aware of his responsibilities and his working comfort must be promoted.

Welcome spring with its allergenes wave!

How to treat allergies ? Our nature changes in spring, we see our environment getting more beautiful with all these colors. Behind the beautiful nature is a wave of allergens! Due to the large proportion of the allergic population, this is considered a public health issue. In France, it is now considered that children are about 20% affected from the age of 9 and 30% for […]

Pascal, the LABELIANS gardener advice for a garden that is as relaxing as ours !

LABELIANS is a partner of laboratories and is part of a sustainable development approach. Its premises have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Japanese influences, respect for nature, respect for human beings at the heart of its daily activities, the LABELIANS garden is a soothing place for its employees. One of these employees is Pascal, our gardener. He invites you to visit […]

How to avoid diagnostic non conformities in laboratory by understanding pre-analytical phase ? The patient, his comfort and welcome

The pre-analytical is a mandatory for the analytical process sucess. the well-being of the patient is the key during the sampling collection to a succesful pre-analytical process. Patient reception : every details counts The patient gives at the laboratory medical staff his prescription, it will be attached to the collection sheet. The prescription must be less than 6 months and must include the following information: […]

Eric Escudier the lab techs TikTok entertainer

Eric is a “tiktoker” very valued by the community of laboratory technicians. We decided to meet him and let you discover him to make you share this source of everyday good mood. Do you know TikTok? It is one of the latest social networks. Particularly popular among young people, it allows them to watch short videos, often funny. Among the many subscribers of this platform, […]

The sorting and recycling of waste changes in France !

On June 29th 2021, a decree has been issued to inform users about the waste sorting rule for products subject to the principle of extended producer responsibility. This legal text becomes effective the day after its publication. The previous labelling is to be implemented gradually from 2022 Jan. 1st on.

How to manage a critical parameter such as temperature in the overall diagnostic process ?

Managing patient analytical diagnosis path from blood sample collection is a matter of following a large number of normative guidelines (if you need to refresh your mind about those , please refere to this serie of 5 blog posts). Temperature si one of the most critical parameter in thne overall diagnosis process, on which we suggest to focus herebelow.  

How to avoid diagnostic non conformities in laboratory by understanding pre-analytical phase ? Definitions, process, operating procedure.

The pre-analytical phase is essential for the analysis result quality. This phase take place between medical prescription and analysis, and involves the sampler and his patient. Pre-analytical phase comprises all the factors that can influence sample results before its analysis. This is a major step for measuring the quantities of the consituents of biological fluids, as well as for the diagnostic and the monitoring of […]

How to reduce plastic waste in everyday lablife ?

Every day, our laboratory garbage cans are filled with plastic… And a large part of it is packaged as IHAW and destigoes to incineration. Although difficult, environmental concern becomes key in lab’s purchasing process : they get obviously eager to reduce their impact on the processing and waste disposal of plastics.

Christophe Balichard to speak at the Collège Français de Métrologie (CFM) Technical Day on April 5, 2022

The next Technical Day of the French College of Metrology (CFM) will take place on April 5 and will be accessible via webconference. This year, they will focus on medical biology and analysis laboratory instruments. Indeed, measuring instruments are widely used in the laboratory, such as balances, ph-meters, spectrometers, and the processes of the peri-analytical phase also require the use of instruments – centrifuges, thermo-static […]

Metrology : All you want to know about it !

Do you feel someties lost when dealing with metrology experts ? It feels hard to you to find the right consultant that may elp you in your lab metrologic journey . Christophe Balichard, responsible for the LABELIANS smart service metrology laboratory sits at your side to reveal you all secrets about metrology. Everything you have ever wanted to know about it is just one read […]

Some ways to improve the eco-responsibility of your laboratory

Eco-responsibility is an imperative topic. We must preserve the environment. However, this demand comes up against the constraints to which the laboratory is subjected. It is inexorable and we do not see how to do otherwise: The laboratory uses mostly single-use, plastic, packaged and over-packaged consumables. This is the only way to get reliable results. The enormous quantity of hazardous waste garbage cans incinerated every […]

Laboratories : help your patients know how to collect 24-hour urine

For a patient, knowing how to collect 24-hour urine is a real question. Thus, faced with this 2L canister, many patients feel a bit helpless. However, the quality of urine analysis also depends on the quality of its collection. Therefore, laboratories and manufacturers of 24-hour urine bottles must work hand in hand to offer patients all the information they need to perform a quality collection, […]

Laboratory security : DWK and LABELIANS side by side to protect the laboratory technicians

Security first ! The security innovation is one of the main goal in the laboratory technician daily work. Some manufacturers wants to develop an easy comprehension of the security in the laboratory. The laboratory technician can have an easy readind for their equipment. It’s easier for them to make the right choice.

How to design to the smallest details a custom lab : workbenches, furnishing and colors

It is indeed possible to design a custom lab ! Whether you are opening a new laboratory, or the current layout no longer suits you, the solution of custom-made to the nearest millimeter is the ultimate solution. If you wish to get advice on the design of your laboratory or if you wish to find the right design office to achieve your wishes, then you […]

Laboratory glassware: how to make the right choice ?

Very much in use in all labs until early 80’s, laboratory glassware stepped back from benches when facing PE or PP single-use vials. Indeed glass use safety and easy to clean weaknesses have been very much arguing in favor of single use. As breakage was too frequent and the cleaning procedure with the use of an automatic machine too cumbersome, glass bottles were abandoned. However, […]

Tanguy Leroux, THE French labs youtuber answers laviedulabo questions !

Tanguy LEROUX, the youtuber from the lab and the hospital, answered questions from . You may already follow him on linkedin or on youtube. If you don’t yet, you’ll surely want to do so after reading this interview.

IHW regulations: which container for which waste?

The DASRI regulations are complex. To comply with them without forgetting anything, we suggest that you review together which containers are suitable for each DASRI waste produced by your laboratory. May you still have questions once you have read this blogpost, please share them in the “comments” section below.

5 tips to design your workbench

Are you looking for tips on how to design your workbench? How to make it more ergonomic? Should it be modular? Faced with such a structuring project for your laboratory, you are no doubt asking yourself many questions. So our team has done some research so you can be sure to prioritise five things to improve your workspace. Your well-being is the key priority when […]

LABELIANS sales team tips to keep smiling while working hard in the laboratory

The life of the laboratory is punctuated, of course, by the daily analytical routine and the reception of patients who are increasingly numerous in the waiting rooms. It is also punctuated by the regular visits of sales staff, particularly those of the LABELIANS team. Indeed, LABELIANS has always favoured its presence in the field, nothing beats human contact, active listening and “real” conversation, is it […]

Machine treatment : How to wash laboratory glassware ?

You now know how to prepare your laboratory glassware before performing the machine treatment in order to avoid all risks related to possible residues. The automaton programs are not sufficient enough to properly process laboratory glassware. This is why it is necessary to follow some recommendations such as the equipment positioning in the machine or the different treatment processes.

Transportation bag : client experience, advices and choice criteria

An anomaly concerning the transportation bag, in a northern hospital center in France, has been highlighted following an internal audit of healthy and safety services. Indeed, the transportation solution used for the collection of samples in outlying sites had to be reviewed. Their transportation solution has been declared improper to ADR, which is an agreemen on international transportation of dangerous merchandise by road, because they […]

Laboratory Balance : Stay Compliant !

The universe of the laboratory balance is distributed into 3 types : The precision balances for common use. Present in many laboratories, they are also used in the teaching area. The analytical balances renowned for their high precision. They allow to reduced the error margins by presenting results at several decimal places. The micro and semi-microbalances which are the very excellence of the weighing, going […]

Where can you order chemical glassware to teach ?

You wish to order chemical glassware for a school, a high school or a college ? You are looking for a good quality/price ratio ? You are opening a new chemistry class ? You must know, it is not always simple to navigate when it comes to choosing the good products at the right supplier. First of all, we must prepare your material list according […]

Handling hazardous waste: 7 mistakes to avoid

The handling of HIW must be done with care and rigour. Indeed, yellow boxes of all sizes are scattered throughout our laboratories and medical establishments. These are the DASRI collectors. They protect patients and staff from all infectious, chemical, toxic or radioactive risks. It is therefore essential to know how to handle them with care. You certainly use them every day, but are you sure […]

How to extend lithium batteries life in the laboratory

Extending the life of lithium batteries for laboratory instrumentation is crucial. Indeed, many laboratory instruments are equipped with a lithium-based battery. Electronic pipettors, for example, are equipped with them. These batteries are part of your daily life and have many advantages, but they also require a number of precautions to be taken in use, storage and charging. Recharge the lithium battery of your instrument on […]

How to be supported in the accreditation of your laboratory ?

The medical biology laboratory (MBL) or medical analyzes (MAL) is accredited according to the Article 23 of the law of June 17th 2020 and its application texts, when it is accredited for all the staff lines in which the analyzes he performs are linked under conditions defined by the decree of July 16th 2020 defining the framework of accreditation mentioned in Article L. 6221-1 of […]

How can you ensure that your laboratory’s calibration certificates are perfectly read ?

Many laboratories outsource the metrology of their equipment because they do not have the skills associated with these processes and in particular those associated with the correct reading of calibration certificates. However, even when outsourced, the metrology process is not simply a matter of receiving a calibration or verification certificate and signing off. Each stakeholder in the laboratory must be able to take ownership of […]

How to improve patient care in your laboratory ?

Improving patient care in the laboratory is a necessity. The long queues of patients lined up in front of the doors of medical analysis laboratories since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic attest to the fact that the laboratory is a key part of the health system and must take care of an increasing number of patients.

Control and storage : How to wash laboratory glassware ?

Why must you absolutely respect the control and storage rules ? Laboratory glassware is considered fully ready for re-use after it has been visually inspected and stored in accordance with procedures. Indeed, machine processing is not the final step and is not sufficient to consider glassware as clean.

Changing tips between two calibrations : suggested protocols

In the course of this pandemic, you are regularly confronted with shortages of cones on your usual brands. The Cofrac requirement has not changed at the moment, the cones used by the laboratories must be those identified in the calibration certificates. However it is, at the moment, sometimes very difficult to comply with this requirement. In this post, we would like to help you by […]